Chinese UAV & UCAV development


A closer look at the optical turret on the BZK-008.



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The CR500 coaxial-rotor UCAVs in the flesh. In the background are truck-mounted command and control modules.

Images from a past exhibit where it was shown in model form:

Any idea who will be the operator? These trucks does not look like PLA trucks.


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I went searching on google for specs of the CR500, and the best I could find was this infographic on the web page of a Norinco subsidiary specializing in Beidou development (if I understood the google translate correctly). What are your thoughts on the reliability of the source? The numbers seem reasonable.

Stated specs are:
MTOW 500kg
Payload 150kg
Ceiling 4000m
Top speed 140km/h
Endurance 5h

Need some help in translating the rest of the specs, if someone has time.

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The coaxial rotor is one of the most technologically advanced in the world. No more than 10 countries can be produced. The export of coaxial rotor UAVs could affect the national interests of China in the future, the technology will spread and fall into the hands of many hostile countries.


I remember when they wanted to stop China from getting coaxial helicopters from Russia. The only countries that are potential adversaries of China already have or can easily have access to the technology.