Chinese UAV & UCAV development


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These patents do tell that AVIC is researching into supersonic fly wing designs. The many CGI showing supersonic fly wing bombers seem to come from somewhere serious.


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The US charges China is not transparent. I remember there was an article of some American who went to China to see for himself and he found plenty of information of what the US charges China was hiding in the public resources. The problem for the US was it was all in Chinese. If you've read about US intelligence services they're paranoid of hiring anybody Chinese who can translate being spies. The US doesn't promote Americans studying Chinese. There was a school district outside Los Angeles that was planning to have Chinese being taught in their schools but protests from parents cancelled their plans. The parents believed being taught Chinese amounted to being brainwashed. And then there's the prejudice of Americans who only want to learn romantic languages. Even though this information can be found publicly but because it's in Chinese, that's not being transparent. They demand the Chinese translate it for them but because they don't trust Chinese, they learn nothing. They're living in their own hell.
Sino Defence forum is very important for them then.


What I thought too.
High subsonic, supersonic and hypersonic platforms.

Maybe even one with detachable wings so can act as suicide drone when needed.

A cost-effective hybrid of one-use/recoverable platform as recon/combat drone or smart munition depending on circumstances. So in the future with unmanned platform the boundary between what is an aircraft and what is a munition will be blurred.
The most interesting part for me was the way they designed an approach to adjustable LERXes that’s different from LEVCONS (or maybe it could be classified as a variant of LEVCONS?). Would be curious to know what the test data shows for this sort of approach.


Sino Defence forum is very important for them then.

I'm sure it is. It use to be and still is with US "civilians" where news in China on military developments didn't reach them for at least three years. Any news out of China had to be vetted and reported by an American expert before it was given some credibility. These days because of rapid Chinese military developments US media and analysts want to be first as usual so they come here or CDF. I see a lot things said verbatim from this forum.


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Does the Dark Sword program actually exist or is it smoke and mirror?
Concept certainly seems interesting.

(No, I'm not from The Pentagon :p)