Chinese UAV & UCAV development


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are those fuel tanks on the pilons?
Or maybe containers for radiosondes, whatever it is.
This large-scale weather detection drone successfully dropped 30 radiosondes and, together with millimeter-wave radar, carried out a "CT-style three-dimensional scan" of the cloud system outside Typhoon "Senrak".
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Apparently another name for Cloud Shadow is... wait for it — Wingloong 10!
Wing Loong is a hybrid name. It's a mix of English and Chinese words. Wing is an English word, while Long is Chinese Mandarin for dragon. On the other hand, the Mandarin for Wing is Yi. So you can have a purely English name, Winged Dragon, or a purely Mandarin name, Yi Long.

Anyway, it's called "Pterosaur-10" or "Wing Loong-10" according to the above article. According to the video below, the UAV has a length of 9 meter, a height of 3.7 meter, and a wingspan of 18 meter. Other parameters are not mentioned.
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No, if you look the video and watch closely at 0:11 it seems as if it is releasing some sort of sensor!

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Pretty sure it is an atmospheric sensor for measuring humidity, air pressure, etc.

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According to stats released via CCTV, Cloud Shadow has an operational ceiling of 14000 meters and a maximum speed of 620 Kph. That is much higher than those of prop planes like Wingloong II.
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