Chinese UAV & UCAV development


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I do think a booster section is doable, when droped from h6, if the control surfaces can compensate for some initial disbalance before the booster gets the drone almost vertical. at that point the disbalance would disappear.

rocket propulsion may be the simplest way to achieve the goal, if the goal is short/medium range recon.

scramjet engine might be a superior solution for similar speed/altitude while giving greater range, but it may very be that scramjet engines are simply not mature enough as of today.

I am more interested in seeing some sensor openings on the aircraft. both a long range camera and a radar would need aperture of several decimeters to be really useful as side looking sensors.

I find it paradoxical about scramjet not mature enough because the DF-100 might actually have a working nose inlet scramjet design. The Lingyun-1 hypersonic missile below has might have the nose design of the DF-100. It comes with a cap that has tiny thrusters on it, and the cap is thrusted off the nose in flight to allow for the intakes to open. The fact that this is the one weapon that is covered in the entire parade should tell you this is the most HSM (holy sh*t moment) of all the weapons shown in the parade so far.

DF100.jpeg china-lingyun-hypersonic-missile-DdqhqP1VQAAASuI-1170x610.jpg img-cd2cb140ee7148c02d4d1d3e80b1bc6b.jpg

In my opinion, the WZ-8 drone may have been something that already has been in use for some time, and when it was first introduced back sometime ago in secret, China's ramjet or scramjet technology wasn't good enough. But by the time they are willing to show this in public, that ramjet or scramjet technology has already matured to allow for the DF-100.

WZ-8 is first generation of this type. Next generation may feature the scramjet from the DF-100.

As for radar, the thing that comes to mind for side radar would be a side mounted conformal AESA array that will work with SAR or inverse SAR to allow for a high resolution image to be taken and analyzed. A drone or craft moving high speed over an area is a perfect vehicle for using synthetic radar aperture or SAR to image and map out the area.


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Accoding to Chinese social media, the name is Ryu Ying.
Ryu is not a Chinese Pinyin spelling. It must be some spelling error of the source. What ever it is, it is just a manufacturer name or a program name in Chinese like Sky Saker being its exporting name in English, they are not PLA designation.

Example, Wing Loong II (Yi Long II in Chinese Pinyin) is a name by the manufacturer of CAIG, GJ-2 is the PLA designation which is officially referred by.