Chinese Trainer Aircraft (JL-8, JL-9, JL-10 (L-15), etc.)


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The JL-10 (L-15) and JL-9 could work very well as a short-range attack aircraft, especially for certain SE Asian countries that have a low-budget military like Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar.


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Is this a photoshop? The vertical stabilizer looks a bit off.
I thought there was a program out there to check if photos have been altered or not. IMO, the JL-10 is a good size for the carriers they have now.


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JL-10 spotted in
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. J-20 was also spotted there recently.

That's interesting since it would fit to Wuhu, where the 9th Brigade also has some JL-10As and J-20s. However at Twitter someone said the video showing a J-20 at Quzhou was already from last year!?