Chinese Supergun?


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Assuming that it's mobile, the SLRC will have a diameter bore of at least 300mm, and shooting out a powered 30cm diameter munition to 1000 miles is a pretty impressive feat (otherwise you'd need a far larger ballistic or supersonic cruise missile), which greatly lowers costs.

Though details are annoyingly vague about it (the Colonel quoted in the BD piece says its rocket powered but below hypersonic, which doesn't make any sense, since any non airbreathing munition going through that range is almost certainly going to be hypersonic).
That is the fishy part that I am trying to highlight here, have you ever notice as of late that what ever wonder weapons that the US touted with all the fantastical statistics and capabilities, eventually fall way way short of what was claimed in the end ? The SLRC is one of those things, what's more it is still nothing more than a concept which is subjected all the more to such hyperboles.