Chinese shipbuilding industry


A flyover image of the Adora Magic City, which gives a good sense of its size.



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I didn't even know Greece has the largest fleet till now to begin with.

I'd thought Greece's pretty friendly with China especially China helped them to build the port and infrastructure. Could anyone tell me what happens to the relationship now?
Greece is a fully commited member of NATO and embraced fully with EuroAtlanticism "till death". Cosco managed to purchase Piraeus port when they bid the highest, when EU forced the Greek state to sell out any national sovereignty because of debt crisis. But EU capitalist wolfpack caught sleeping because of their arrogance, and after the German KUKA robots purchase from Chinese enterprise they put "restrictions on strategic assets for sale that can be purchased from China", somekind of MOU. These assets are now for internal consume, like the 14 airports on Greek islands now belonging to the German state. Anyway trust me as a native, this enormous capital from merchant shipping flies to Luxemburg and Cayman islands without any significant impact to the local economy. Shipping companies enjoy special privileges from the state, such as-perhaps the global original- called voluntary taxation. In other words, shipowners pay taxes however they see fit at an amount they see it fit. Welcome to Greece lol


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Slightly deviating from thread discussion.

The latest image of the PLANS-18 „Fujian“ shows that the deck has been completely cleaned.

(Image via @telegra2116/Twitter)

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Notice the area to the right of the fitting-out basin where CV-18 Fujian is currently docked. In particular, the assembly hall sheds circled in red:

Those are considered to be part of Jiangnan Shipyard, despite located right next to the Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard new site (roughly divided by the red line):
This satellite imagery is taken sometime late last year or early this year, hence I suppose that the construction project in that area took place rather fast.

In the meantime, I do hope that we can see a further expanded production of newer DDGs from Jiangnan soon...
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Details -

According to statistics released by the British Clarkson Research Company on September 6, the global new ship market order volume reached 71 ships and 2.05 million revised gross tons in August this year. Among them, Chinese shipbuilding companies undertook 60 new ship orders with a revised gross tonnage of 1.68 million, accounting for approximately 82% of the global new ship market’s order volume based on revised gross tonnage; Korean shipbuilding companies received only 6 new ship orders. , 270,000 revised gross tonnage, accounting for about 13% of the global new ship market orders in terms of revised gross tonnage..

From January to August this year, the global new ship market’s cumulative orders reached 1,038 ships and 26.81 million revised gross tons; of which China accounted for 654 ships and 15.65 million revised gross tons, accounting for approximately 58% of the global new ship market orders; South Korea Shipping companies received 161 new ship orders with a revised gross tonnage of 7.25 million, accounting for about 27% of the global new ship market orders.

According to the number of ships, China's share is even more outrageous, and China already accounts for 65%.

Talking about ship-building capacity:
Chinese shipbuilding capacity over 200 times greater than US, Navy intelligence says
Gap between US, Chinese ship count expected to grow larger by 2035
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Talking about ship-building capacity:

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Alarming Navy Intel Slide Warns Of China's 200 Times Greater Shipbuilding Capacity | The War Zone (2023-07-11)

The Office of Naval Intelligence is sounding the alarm about the huge gap in U.S. and Chinese shipbuilding capacity and its implications.

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