Chinese semiconductor industry


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Just to be clear, does BYD produce the Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors in its own fans?

It created a subsidiary, BYD Semiconductor, then spun it off as a separate company, allowing different companies to have shares in it, including SMIC, GAIC, SAIC, and including international investors. This spin off used to be BYD Microelectronics, and it started in 2004. The spinoff is a clever move, and allowing other car manufacturers to invest on it, which means other car manufacturers can order their chips from this fab. Previously, this fab only supplied IGBT and inverters to BYD, now it can supply to others. These guys are so far sighted they have a complete chain including packaging and testing for years now.

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Solution on how to fill the talent shortage for IC?
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The shortfall of talent in the country’s semiconductor industry doubled in 2019 to about 300,000 from 150,000 in 2015, according to a report published this year by the China Institute for Educational Finance Research at Peking University.
Poaching from Taiwan, S.Korea would help but the number required is too big to fill in a short time

Another report.
Its also about "quality", I would say its more about mature professionals
The issue is not one of numbers, but one of quality, according to a recent report by investment bank China International Capital Corporation (CICC). China’s school-trained engineers are still young, meaning there is a lack of industry leaders, especially in chip manufacturing.
“China lacks talent in manufacturing, especially those who can master craftsmanship, as it involves many interdisciplinary subjects like physics and chemistry,” said Peng. “Anyone who works on it less than 20 years finds it hard to master.”
Foreign experienced IC professionals would be very helpful on this. Maybe thats why, recently, there is a lot of emphasis on attracting foreign talent


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China can’t fab it in China because as usual, the SMEE ArFi and EUVL scanners are vaporware and won’t exist for a decade+
No, Sleepystudent, the SMEE immersion lithography machine is already in customers' hands and the EUV scanner is on its way. None of this work is vapourware. Do you know why? Because Chinese companies are as persistent as you are. It doesn't matter if the US bans them - like the SDF mods banned you - they'll always find a way.


As of August 2021 India had 388.134 GW installed electrical power generating capacity, while China had 2,280 GW at the same time period. This is despite the fact that both countries have nearly the same population.

but but but ....... India economy is more advanced as they claimed .. as more in service area which need less electricity ;)

Either way the ratio of power generating between China and India is very much in line with the ratio of GDP


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Excellent news. Huawei is here to stay.
Once Huawei produces its own Chips, its Business will be Sanction Proof and will have a bright future.
Looks like 2022 will be a big year for Hisilicon and Huawei.
We will see the manufacture of 28nm, 22nm and 14nm ICs next year using Domestically made Semiconductor Equipment.
@WTAN Sir any news on Hisilicon 14nm 3d chiplet project?