Chinese purchase of Su-35


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There's a reddit thread over in "lesscredibledefense" where a decent translation was provided both in the post and in the comments if anyone was interested in reading it fully.

The overall thrust of it isn't too shocking; i.e.: Su-35 with 117S engines is kinematically impressive, however in terms of avionics and weapons suite it is somewhat lacking to domestic contemporaries like J-16.


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I'd rather take it as a baseline for Chinese claims about their AESA. Also, the statement about KS-172 is good because it allows us to know that 400km range on some long-range Chinese missile is an underestimate.


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Also, the statement about KS-172
The statement about KS-172 is what makes an overall very reasonable interview not without a grain of salt.
I have serious reasons to doubt many people in China truly know this zombie of a rocket good enough(or anywhere else). It neither passed state trials nor was a finished product, to begin with.