Chinese PLAAF (and other) Modern Military airaft in 1/72 Scale

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I put out a youtube video on y channel of several of the newer Chinese military aircraft.

The Chinese are building up a very modern air force with many aircraft also being used by their Navy. Here I show:

-The J-20 5th Generation Stealth aircraft
-Their J-11A 4.5 generation Fighter
-The Naval J-15 Naval Strike fighter
-Their J-10A (Actually the J-10S) fighter bomber
-Their JH-7A Strike aircraft

Each of these aircraft are modern and have been built (outside the brand new stealth fighter and the carrier aircraft) in fairly large numbers from 250 to over 450 aircraft. They are replacing many hundreds of old legacy aircraft, most of which were bought or license built from Russia.

The aircraft are all Chinese built, armed and use Chinese sensors.

Their JH-7A in the upper left, has a similar role to the F-15E, though not as fast or as advanced, but still capable of strong performance and carrying dangerous precision guided weapons. They have several hundred of these aircraft.

Their J-20 5th generation stealth fighter in the lower center was rolled out in 2012 while the US Defense Secretary was visiting not long after he and President Obama cancelled further builds of the US Air Force premier F-22 5th generation stealth aircraft, recognized as the best in the world by far. However, they used an excuse, supposedly supplied by intel, that the Chinese and Russians would not have anything similar until 2025 when we would be starting in on our 6th generation aircraft.

A few months later, while he was visiting them, they embarrassed him terribly and rolled out this new aircraft. We were going to build 400-800 F-22s to replace our 800 F-15D fighters, which were designed in the 1980s.

They stopped out production at 173 aircraft. The Chinese went on to build nine prototype aircraft and are now producing production aircraft which they now have 40-50 of.

I do not believe they will halt production at 173.

The J-11A, to the lower right, is a completely Chinese design, with new composite material, new radars, new glass cockpits, new Chinese avionics, and using all Chinese weapons. These are highly modernized and better aircraft. They have 250+ of the J-11 aircraft now, and are now building the new J-11Bs.

The J-10A aircraft, to the lower left, are similar in function for the Chinese to the US F-16. They are high maneuverable and capable of carrying large load of missiles and precision guided munitions for their size. They too are now building an upgraded J-10B, and they have upward of 450 all together.

Finally, the J-15, in the back center, is the Chinese complete remodel of the Russian SU-33 that they carried on their carriers. The Chinese now have two carriers. Each of these carriers can carry about 48 of these very capable and maneuverable, and also capable of carrying many different types of anti-air and air to surface precision weaponry.

The have built upwards of 40 aircraft to date, but they need more and are upping their production to full rates now in preparation for their third carrier. Even though not a stealthy 5th gen stealth fighter, these aircraft are very capable 4.5+ generation aircraft that should never be underestimated.

It is clear that the Chinese are very serious about growing their military across the board, and not only growing it, but as they are doing with their entire Navy, improving it to 2020 level standards where they can protecting their SLOCs and their economic and territorial interests.

Here's the Video:

...and here's a video of the H-6K in 1/72 scale:

China Carrier Strike group in 1/350 scale:



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Great post. Some small errors though. China has had J-10B for years, now J-10C is the current production model. J-11A is the original J-11 production model, which is a licensed copy kit-assembled export version Su-27S. J-11B is the first indigenous upgrade, also in PLA service for years. Latest version in development is J-11D, which will bring it into 4++ generation.


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what is actually on the ground in PLAN ?????

Pardon, but what do you want to ask? "on the ground" and "PLAN" does not fit together and even less in a thread related to PLAAF scale model!??