Chinese PLA providing training and weapons to various Ethnic Independence organizations from Myanmar or India.


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Aung San, famed for being the Father of Myanmar, became a founding member and the first Secretary General of the Communist Party of Burma (CPB) in August 1939.

In 1940, the CPB sent Aung San and some other comrades to China in order to establish links with the Communist Chinese holdouts in the North. However, several right-wing Burmese comrades had already contacted Imperial Japanese intelligence in Hainan to intercept the boat as they saw Japan to be a more pragmatic option towards independence.

This led to the creation of the Burmese Independence Army that fought for liberation against the British alongside the IJA.

'Liberation' soon turned out to be a facade though as the Burmese learned the Japanese were losing and so the BIA turned on their Japanese leaders joining the Allies.


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Is China this based? Support Manipur uprising technically violates SCO frameworks.
Its just reciprocation. India started the whole thing by continuing to support Tibetan separatists, and Baloch terrorists to kill Chinese citizens in CPEC. China is no stranger to supporting armed militants in foreign nations. They have supported pro-China, anti-Vietnamese militants in Indochina, and the Afghan Mujahedeen against the Soviets.

Should have sent more. This time China is 20 times richer and can send proportionally 20 times more the weapons.
But all that was not without costs. There were unintended consequences when doing these kinds of dirty deeds. Such as the rise of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, and ETIM terrorism in Xinjiang. This is probably why China had been quite reluctant recently to support anymore foreign militants.

Still, that doesn't mean that China should stop such things for good. In the event that India went too far with its black activities, there is much that China could do to support the militants in Northeastern India. NATO weapons can now be purchased on the black market thanks to Ukraine. Also, Myanmar had recently lost control of parts of its northern territories. So there is a convenient place to train and arm militant groups against India.
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