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In two of the pictures, the keel of the submarine can actually be seen behind the people.

keel was laid 5th Sep at Wuhan, steel was cut last Sep, that was this ceremony in the above photo

Thailand doing some good business with China in naval sector but only one LPD and one SSK?

Also Pakistan is getting 8 x SSK

good going


KD Keris – the lead ship of the Keris-class littoral mission ship for Malaysia – undergoing her first sea trial.

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Thai naval team managed to get out of Wuhan before it was locked down. If you are wondering why they are there, the S26T submarines are being built in Wuhan, which is the shipyard where the Yuan class is made.

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Algeria also bought a Chinese training ship a few years ago

Algeria is best known for having purchased two C28 corvettes some years ago. These are 2800 ton corvettes, although I think its a heavily modded 053. The new corvettes however, would be smaller than these. Them going back to China for repeat business suggests they are satisfied with these ships. 96 meter length sounds like what they are planning to buy is based off the 056 platform.