Chinese Naval Export: News, Views, Pics & Videos


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China is well known for its ship building capabilities since the 15th Century and perhaps earlier. Admiral Zeng He's ships during his 7 voyages to Southeast Asia, India and Africa were ships that were much bigger than the Spanish & Portuguese man-o-war. China is now known (Dahlian etc.) for building commercial vessels at competitive pricing. If China can offer well-made warships etc. to countries at competitive prices, it would be very attractive & make business sense for most countries to purchase from the Chinese after due diligence is made. This also brings about to 5G - when Hua Wei can offer advanced "AI" etc. no one should stop the Chinese entering Western Markets. UK & some EU countries are now thinking what to make about the US's "China tech. threats" & Trump's bullying. As the Americans commonly would say "god damed-it" compete and manufacture your own 5G to be attractive in the Global Markets.