Chinese military exports to other countries


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From Jane's:
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Thailand looks to procure more VT-4 tanks from China
Jon Grevatt - Jane's Defence Industry
16 January 2019

The Royal Thai Army (RTA) is reportedly seeking cabinet approval to procure additional VT-4 main battle tanks (MBTs) made by the China North Industries Corporation (Norinco).

Local media reported on 16 January that the RTA proposal features the acquisition of an additional 14 units at a cost of about THB2.3 billion (USD72.5 million).

The proposal, if approved by government, will take the RTA's VT-4 inventory to 52. The RTA ordered 28 VT-4s from Norinco in 2016 for THB5 billion and another 10 in 2017 for THB2 billion.

The initial batch of 28 tanks was delivered in late 2017, making Thailand the first export customer of the VT-4, which is the export version of the MBT-3000 design.

The RTA has not yet confirmed the planned acquisition of an additional 14 VT-4s, although Jane's understands that the proposed procurement is consistent with the service's requirements.

Announcing plans to acquire a second batch of 10 VT-4s in 2017, Thailand's Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwon stated that the RTA would look to procure additional tanks over the next few years.

RTA sources have also previously confirmed to Jane's an overall requirement within the service to procure at least another hundred MBTs to replace ageing and depleted inventories of US-produced M41 light tanks as well as increasing the army's size and capabilities.


Israel has conducted several airstrikes in January 2019, targeting mostly Damascus International Airport and the vicinity around it. The latest strike came on 21 January with Syrian Air Defences reportedly intercepting some 30 missiles.

Israeli firm ImageSat has published photos allegedly showing the extent of the damage done to the Damascus International Airport in the course of the latest Israeli air raids. The images show the state of three targets, JY-27 radar, Pantsir (SA-22) air defence system and an airport warehouse, on 18 and 22 January for comparison.
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Royal Thai Army issued procurement plan of 2nd batch VN-12 8X8 wheeled armoured vehicle including 3 VN-1, 12 VN-1 120mm mortar, 9 VS-27 Recovery Vehicles, 2 maintenance vehicles, 12 VN-1 command vehicles, 3 medical vehicles and one simulator. The purchase package also includes 11000 round 30mm ammunition, 4811 40mm grenades and 500 120mm mortar rounds. Total value is about 66m USD.

The first batch of 39 VN-1 IFVs will be delivered in 2019.
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VS-27 Recovery Vehicle of Venezuelan Marine


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Pakistan Army to acquire 100 state of the art Main Battle Tanks from China
13 Jan, 2019
Pakistan Army to acquire 100 state of the art Main Battle Tanks from China

ISLAMABAD - With the intention of achieving a decisive edge against India, the Pakistan Army has constantly been engaged in strengthening its defense preparedness. Towards this, the Pakistan Air Force will add 62 new JF-17 jets in the next three years against India's 36 Rafale fighter jets.
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To overcome its shortage of tanks in the Pakistan Army Armoured Corps, the country also intends to add 600 new MBTs over the next few months. It is already procuring about 100 Chinese VT4 – a third generation MBT with an engine of 1200 horsepower and speed of 70 kilometers per hour.

"Pakistan wants such a tank in which there is a computerized fire control system and would be able to hit targets within a range of 3 to 4 kilometers.


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Good job, Pakistan needs new tanks and infantry fighting vehicles in larger numbers than just 100. Pakistan also needs to assess a more robust air defense network which is layered and impregnable.