Chinese military exports to other countries


Question: Russia barely buys any weapons/equipment from China, despite being allies. They buy components, electronic and raw materials, but almost never any complete weapons systems. Why is that? Russia is an ally, China clearly has more advanced military equipment than Russia, a large and diverse arms export market and Russia actually needs the equipment badly, even before 2022 Ukraine, Russia was busy fighting medium scale engagements in Syria, Georgia, Ukraine 2014 etc etc. Is it just pride or arrogance? China has no problem buying the S400 and various flankers.

It's a bit off topic but I can't help but wonder how the invasion of Ukraine could have gone if Russia had bought a few billion worth of chinese hardware specifically designed to supplement their weakpoints in drone, logistics, anti drone warfare, SEAD and electronic warfare.

One thing is for sure, once the war ends and attention dies down, Russia is for sure going to be buying lots and lots more hardware from China.

Ponder that in the appropriate thread please.