Chinese infantry fighting vehicles


Towing and/or crane hooks for an unknown IFV made of titanium alloy. Might be for a new IFV, probably airborne? I'm just speculating of course, but the use of titanium alloy might indicate a need for weight saving, so airborne IFVs are a good candidate.



Brand spankin' new... I've never seen this particular variant before. The staggered upper hull geometry (especially when viewed from the front) is new. I wonder if these are an improved observation or command variant, or maybe even a medivec variant.







The ZBD03 airborne IFV is receiving two upgrades:
1) A new digital fire control system with full image stabilization, which allows the ZBD-03 to fire while on the move for the first time.
2) A milliwave IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) system.





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More on the IFV upgrade kit:
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The "new digital image stabilization fire control system" mentioned in the 7 sets of "National Defense Story" of CCTV should be evolved from the early 59 tank TV automatic metering aiming system. I personally think it should be called the image aiming system, probably Meaning, this system is a combination of a laser rangefinder and a thermal imager on the top of the barrel of the weapon platform. It is tilted or rotated with the barrel and the turret; the gunner is in the view of the vehicle. The sighting system is equipped with a liquid crystal display/operation terminal and a console handle. Of course, it also needs to cooperate with digital controllers, attitude sensors, and fire control computers. The most important thing is that this system adds double height and direction. The gun stabilization system (should be driven by a permanent magnet motor) can realize the common stabilization of the fire system barrel and the outside sight (ie image stabilization) during the movement of the weapon platform.
During combat, the thermal image of the target collected by the scope outside the vehicle is displayed on the liquid crystal display/operation terminal in the vehicle. The gunner uses the display control handle to complete the search for the target and the aiming of the artillery. The laser rangefinder measures the target distance and fire The control computer automatically calculates and installs the meter, and the gunner can complete the firing.
The use of thermal imaging cameras can ensure all-weather combat. The application of the bistable system enables the weapon platform to shoot in motion.

If this image sighting system is installed, there is no need to change the structure of the original sighting system. The original sighting system can still be backed up when the image sighting system fails. This system is low in cost and simple in structure, with little or no changes to the original components and turrets. It can be used to upgrade all current armored weapon platforms that use simple fire control systems without bistable gun control, such as 86A step combat, The 05 amphibious infantry fighting vehicle, the 08 wheeled infantry fighting vehicle and the 03 paratrooper fighting vehicle realize precise shooting in the movement of the armored platform.​

Seems pretty solid. Knowing the PLA, they're probably gonna keep their huge inventory of older vehicles in service for ages so something like this will really help.


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Looks like Airborne Corps may get a new toy, with 04 turret, 100mm+30mm combo.

Things I noticed:
- FCS looks outdated, appears to have the original BMP-3 gunner sight not the new ZBD-04A gunner sight.
- No CITV, smoke launchers.
- Hull geometry slightly resembles the ZBD04A.
- Roadwheels #4 & #5 seem to lack holes unlike the other roadwheels.
- Doesn't appear to have applique armor - to reduce weight probably.