Chinese Economics Thread


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@Equation Sir see how Biden try to lessen the tension with the Chinese, they had taken what they wanted from TW (FAB 21) and SK (TYLER FAB in Texas) with 5nm and 3nm tech. they need a market for those Chips. They will have an agreement were by the Chinese will have the 7nm and above nodes while they will supply the cutting edge. Bypassing EU who will rely on older nodes competing with the Chinese, a win win only for the Chinese and the American....Lol that's only my perception so anybody can interject. TW and SK FABS is now an extension of America's, the EU need to create its owned from scratch (10nm -3nm chips). The US and China strategic competition is a farce, a matter of fact its a 3 way with EU being left behind.
In the Chinese semiconductor industry thread, FairAndUnbiased's opinion is that the US would not dump in China market
I would assume that means export too, and doesn't seem like the US or EU are interested in cooperating with China
No, due to ideology. They're spending all this time and effort to prevent Chinese companies from buying US semiconductors, and now they're gonna dump at less than cost? That is admission that their strategy failed.


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Very interesting. I wonder if Xi's current reforms are really aimed at meeting CPTPP minimum standards?
The reforms have nothing to do with the CPTPP. China already has a trade agreement with most TPP countries (RCEP), so CPTPP is redundant. The reforms are aimed at upgrading China's technological capability, cleaning up the financial system and ensuring future stability, and destroying parasitic industries that are imposing burdens on Chinese families.

The CPTPP application is mostly just trolling intended to set those countries against each other (those supporting Chinese accession for increased market access and those opposed for geopolitical reasons).