Chinese Daily Photos of 2022!!


Why did I stop posting in this forum? Only two reasons;
1) Anti-US and anti west hate posted daily in this forum. I can't stand that sort of hate.
2) Post are limited to 5 photos per post. I can't live with that.

I'm here merrily here posting away.
Welcome back, Popeye!

The forum changes because the world changes, and I change too. I used to be neutral, I never choose side regardless of my ancestor nature but sometimes I can't help posting anti-US/West too. The US/West has chosen to take China as an opponent rather a partner. As a citizen, there's little we can do. No one is right or wrong here, it's just where to stand. So, my suggestion to you are:

1. Partially ignore the forum. You don't need to read, write or reply to posts which are anti-US/West. Just concentrate on what you like. For example, posting photos. Everyone like your photos and so do I.

2. Completely ignore the forum. Should you can't stand seeing those posts, simply don't come back to the forum. There are hundreds if not thousands of forums where you can join, read and write posts. I remember you're a member at Sky Scrapper City forum. It's a good one to go to but it's out of my interest because Cambodia has no sky scrapper.

I notice there's a high rise of new members who are Mainlander Chinese, it is where comes the anti-US/West posts. A Chinese proverb says (I'd try to translate into English) "What one doesn't like, do not insist it on others". I remember you don't like political discussion, so why care about those posts. And if you can't ignore them because you still have to see them, well, just ignore the whole forum.


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