Chinese cruise and anti-ship missiles


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Cross-posting from the ballistic missiles thread.

damned - guys where is this??? It was a former DF-3 facility


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Did the Chinese found this and decided to try and build a similar missile themselves to see if it actually work or if it is Boeing's bullshit?

Who knows. Seems like the nosecone and leading edges is one way to design for hypersonic cruise missile intakes. May be using scramjets which take over for propulsion once the rocket booster drops away after delivering to appropriate altitude and speed. Could just be converging engineering like what we see with HGVs, at least when it comes to artist renderings of various kinds of HGVs from Russia, China, and the US. From the comparisons of the Xing Kong test, it seems the DF-100 is actually a version of that or at least something that shares its overall shaping. The DF-100 has extended stabilisers/wing roots and seems to have those scramjet/ramjet intakes similar in layout with the Russian Kh series.


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No doubt for DF-100 not the DF-17 boosted HGV. Probably a newer scramjet to allow for higher speeds and/or range for the previous DF-100/ Xing Kong hypersonic cruise missile.


That's interesting. Assuming an average velocity of mach 5 firing a SCRAMjet for 600 seconds would equate to over 600 miles of range. Assuming an average velocity of mach 7 you could get up to 900 miles of range. Of course, much depends on the actual thrust of the engine and whatever payload is strapped to it, so these are just ideal estimates, and it's unlikely they're anywhere close to turning a scramjet into a weapon, but if they can get even a fraction of that range and combine it with a first stage booster (which presumably would also accelerate this missile into a speed regime where the SCRAMjet could initiate burn), they might have quite a deadly missile on their hands.


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Is China's main anti ship missile YJ-18 or YJ-12 or C803?

If I'm not wrong YJ-18 should be the best one right? Since it can fit in 055 VLS and has highest range, supersonic sprint