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Finally some progress on ARJ-21. However, I wonder if the ARJ-21 could be subjected to U.S.-ban similar to what happened to Huawei if the current trade war drags on.


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I doubt it - the international (much less US) sales prospects are realistically too poor to make it a worthwhile target. Such a move would also be very risky from a US perspective as it could invite a response in kind by China - and Boeing has a lot more exposure to Chinese sanctions (the PRC is the second largest market for airliners already, and gaining fast). Not a winning strategy.

asif iqbal

Chinas order book for Boeing will collapse if US tries that

China can switch to Airbus

Trumps tariffs will put US into recession by 2021

You cannot win a trade war with China, trade is what China does best you never fight your enemy in what they do best

Trump is very stupid

btw Huawei has won 46 commercial 5G contracts in 30 counties

back on topic I think thats the 13th x ARJ21 delivery and Ghengis Khan, theywill have 2 more before end of the year


The first video inside ARJ 21 in commercial flight

A special flight on the Chinese made ARJ21-700 on Chengdu Airlines from Chengdu to Linfen and back. Check out the interior of the Chinese made ARJ21. Watch the takeoff and landing performance of ARJ21. Enjoy commentary from the crew and myself about the ARJ21.

Join me for an incredible sight-seeing trip to Hukou waterfall in China, which flows quickly and forcefully into the Yellow river. I take an internal flight within China from Chengdu Shuangliu international airport, which is the major international airport that serves Chengdu, the capital of the Chinese province Sichuan, to Linfen Qiaoli airport in Shanxi aboard the first ever aeroplane made in China, the ARJ21. I use Chengdu airlines but there are another two airlines which make use of the ARJ21 aeroplane – Urumqi Air and the Mongolian Genghis Khan airlines.

The placing of the engine right at the rear of the aeroplane makes our seat at the back very noisy and one of the major disadvantages of flying on the ARJ21 is the general noisiness and din overall; even sitting at the front, it’s hard to ignore the sound of the heavily labouring engine! It’s also frustrating that the ARJ21-700 has to fly so low as this makes the aeroplane vulnerable to the weather. As I hear in my interview with the captain, the ARJ21 is not able to fly in heavy rain!

This aeroplane is not certified by either the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) or the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), however, the larger, more able C919 jet is beginning to gain popularity in China, as the captain tells me, and this can only be a good thing, since the C919 is able to carry many more passengers (the ARJ21 is limited to only 90 passengers, which is a problem in a country with more than a billion people in it!) and also more cargo.

The ARJ21 jet was commissioned by the Chinese government in 2002 and the first aeroplane entered service in 2015 with Chengdu airlines. It is a twin engine, regional get which is made by the Chinese company Comac. ARJ itself stands for: Advanced Regional Jet.


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I enjoy watching Sam's YouTube channel quite a lot. It seemed like a fair review to me.
I think the design for this aircraft, like I said before, is quite dated. The engine positioning being one of the most visible issues.
Had it been released on the original launch date this would have been less of an issue.
But today there are better airplanes in the size class from both Bombardier and Embraer. Even the Sukhoi Superjet is more advanced.
Let's hope the C919 program does well.


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Are there any updated version of this plane?
Chinese airlines should buy more of this plane for domestic flights.