Chinese ATGM discussion


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Wonder how much China is charging for hj 12 missile?a single javelin missile cost as $130,000 per missile same amount you can buy 3 tesla quess probably between 40,000 and 50,000 ?


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but historically speaking the PLA has always gone for a hi-lo mix of HJ-9/8 and HJ-73s.
There is no hi-lo mix between HJ-9/8 and HJ-73. HJ-73 serves a very specific role as being a easy plug-in&use vehicle mounted ATGM which requires no addition modification while HJ-9 would often be seen on dedicated ATGM launching vehicle. So whatever replaces HJ-73 would be taking its universal vehicle mounted ATGM role instead of "lo in the hi-lo mix". I don't follow closely of new gen ATGM besides HJ-12 so I don't know what exactly that missile would be (HJ-16?) but HJ-11 surely look like infantry carried stationary launcher type of missile which is HJ-8's position