China's transport, tanker & heavy lift aircraft


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Yes, for a long time the engines seemed to be a bottleneck to production, but not anymore.
With this engine in production, they can take their time to do a proper job on the next generation turbofan engine to replace this.
I think it is also exciting, because with all these resources, on all these Y-20 engines, I am certain a lot of skilled designers and technicians will be trained in large engine design and production. This is certain to be put into good use for the civilian airliner and bomber engine programs.
Before this I was concerned the Chinese had too limited resources, namely talent, working on large engine design.
Sometimes you need to move one step back, to move two steps forward, and I think cloning the D-30 engine was just that.
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...A Y-8 transport aircraft attached to an air transport brigade under the PLA airborne troops takes off for the morning training sorties in late June, 2019.

pre-flight inspection....

sitting on the tarmat before taking off...

signalling ready to take off...

off she goes...
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