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What do think about this article? Is it like when you were poor I don't wanna be friends with you but now you're rich and I want to share some of your wealth?

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How can a law that says the US shall having nothing to do with China in space be up in the air more than ever after a decade? The Wolf Amendment has failed to stop China in space which was the intent. This is the indispensable part of what the US believes about itself meaning everyone needs the US in order to succeed in anything. When people start forgetting how important the US is to the world, they repeat old beliefs about themselves to remind everyone of their outdated importance.


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An update: The Zhurong rover has been in operation for 201 Martian days and has travelled 1300 meters.



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The US counterpart to this experiment is called
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, the spacecraft is scheduled to be launched today in fact.

What it does mean is here's one small sector in space technology where China has in fact shown it has the lead.

Um. The LADEE mission did this some time ago. Not gigabits, but it was in lunar orbit rather than LEO.

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Breaking development.

This can only be
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There was a lot more anomalous looking and geometrically shaped rock debris/objects in the many images of Change'3 missions, in contrast to the Change'4 mission which is totally void of that, except for this "cube-shaped object".

So, to see them making a fuss of this "strange object" doesn't seem authentic at all.
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Five nano satellites was launched successfully by Ceres-1/Y2 rocket at Jiuquan Satellite Launching Center, 12:12 UTC+8, Dec 12, 2021.

Ceres-1 is a 30 tons four-stage rocket developed by China private ventured enterprise Galactic Energy.

It's the second launch of Ceres rocket. Both successfully.