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The Jielong-3 solid rocket has entered engineering stage. It will become the largest solid rocket in China and certainly the largest to be launched from sea.

Diameter: 2.64m
Weight: 140t
Fairing Diameter: 3.35m
Can carry 1.5t to SSO




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Isn't this pretty close to LM-7 in spec but with solid boosters instead of liquid
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There are two CZ-7 variants for the moment, I think you meant the 2 stage version. It is the base variant and can be called specifically by its variant name CZ-724. Note, by convention, CZ-7 is 724, CZ-7A is 734(HO).

CZ-6A's projected 700km SSO payload is 4t, CZ-724 is 5.5t. I will leave the judgement of it being close or not. It is worth to note that CZ-724 is not intended for SSO work, probably will never do so. So the comparison is kind of pointless.

Also worth to note is that CZ-6 series is a spin off from CZ-7 family which was a spin off from CZ-5 program. In early study the CZ-7 family has a variant called CZ-722S(HO). First 2 stands for 2 stages, 2S stands for 2 solid boosters, HO stands for hydrogen upper stage. CZ-6A closely resembles this variant but much cheaper by using Kerosene 2nd stage. See the highlights.
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