China's Space Program News Thread


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The report says 10 second static firing but the company video actually says two firings of 60 seconds each, one after the other?

I assume you are talking about this
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. It actually says the 10-second test firing was completed at an earlier date. The latest test indeed consisted of two firings, each 60 seconds in duration.

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Apparently the shape of the new space capsule was based on another project decades ago. Debunks the people calling it a crew Dragon capsule copy.

The shape of the crew capsule from decades ago in turn very closely resemble the shape of the first photo reconnaissance film recovery capsules that china launched in the early 1970s, which in turn appears to be closely based on the photo reconnaissance film recovery capsules of the Carona series satellites the US launched a decade before that.

The truth there is no glory in denying what works, and no shame in using what works.


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First engineering prototype of the 220ton YF-90 staged-combustion cycle LH2/LOX engine. This will be the second stage engine for the Long March 9 (2011).