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First stage? Like the Space Shuttle? LOX/LH2 engine in the first stage. I would have thought that they would use it in the upper stages.

It can still be considered one of the upper stages if you consider the exceptionally large booster stages to be the first stage. In the Space Shuttle the LOX/LH2 engine can be considered to be the upper stage that brings the craft to orbit.


LM-5 full launcher modal test successful:
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After more than 640 days of continuous efforts, all the 23 test states including first and second stage flight, full launcher flight, were completed. It is understood that such a large scale, multi-state testing is one of the most complex ever that China has conducted, breaking a number of Asian records in the field of vibration testing.
Shenzhou spacecraft's new solar panels:
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Next generation solar panels will be reverse engineered and produced locally. Entirely produced locally by the 508 Institute, the new solar panels already underwent testings with success.


Development of new aluminum alloy is key to break the bottleneck of LM-9 project:
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Central South University, academician Zhong Jue is one of the leading figures in the development of new material, she led the "efficient use of resources and high-performance aluminum aluminum theory and technology" researches and received the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award for that.

In the summer of 2015, she led the research team that developed China's largest aluminum cylindrical ingot. "This is aimed at developping a new generation of heavy launch vehicle components." Zhongyuan Shi told reporters, as into space, the rocket 95 % weight is made of fuel, therefore, human exploration of space depends largely on the size of the rocket carrying capacity.

The development of the new heavy rocket is one of the nation's top priority project.

After ten years of scientific research, Central South University research team formed a complete set of innovative process for preparing high-performance large-scale aluminum materials and components, the alloy composition of large-sized ingots can be uniformly distributed along the isometric cross-section grain size refinement, gas content is very low, the hydrogen content of the material is just 100g/0.05ml, reaching the world advanced level.

"In fact, in the past 60 years, Central South University bear a lot of new materials and component research and development tasks." Hou Ping, Minister for Scientific Research Ministry, said that Central South University has been involved in research development of China's first atomic bomb, the first artificial satellite, the first long-range missile, the first spacecraft, the first nuclear submarine, the first AEGIS Radar, the first nuclear reactor, as well as numerous aerospace vehicles, weapons and equipment of National Defence.


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China launches Jilin-1 mission via Long March 2D
October 7, 2015 by Rui C. Barbosa
The first phase will see the launch of the first four Jilin-1 satellites. Between 2016 and 2019 there are plans to have 16 satellites in orbit, completing a remote sensing network that will cover the entire globe and will be capable of a three to four hours update in the data provided.

From 2020, the plans point to a 60 satellite orbital constellation capable of a 30 minutes update in the data provided.

From 2030 the Jilin constellation will have 138 satellites in orbit, forming a all-day, all-weather, full spectrum acquisition segment data and a capability of observing any global arbitrary point with a 10 minutes revisit capability, providing the world’s highest spatial resolution and time resolution space information products.