China's SCS Strategy Thread


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Hi weig2000 with russia assisting China in early warning system, do you think that in the near future there will be some sort of China russia norad style defence agreement?
It's very likely and makes a lot of sense. For Russia, Indian Ocean and South Pacific Ocean can be better covered from China; for China, Arctic Ocean and Northern Pacific can be better covered from Russia. So it's complementary and mutually beneficial. The cooperation in missile early warning system will lay the technology foundation. From there, they can gradually integrate operations.


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Hi Nobonita Barua
I agreed with you, having russia on your side is also useful in deterring and distracting japan
japan is increasingly agressive and the us is hell bent on placing srbm in japan
Geographically besides China, Russia is closest to japan and russia already in the process of militarizing sakhalin island
At the very least Russia can make japan more "neutral" and not simply following every us orders like a true vassal state