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I think it is that he does tend towards figure of SIPRI, since he considers the Rand figure 'a bit blown'. I too am thinking that. The figure of between 1.4 to 1.7 times the official one makes good sense considering the budgetary changes for research funds and arms purchase, though the Rand figure may be acceptable as upper limit.


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Re: Chinese Military News Thread

I made a news thread in another forum for more political envolved topics....
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Re: Chinese Military News Thread

Report: China plans to build carrier

Associated Press

HONG KONG (Kyodo) — The Chinese military is currently planning to build an aircraft carrier, a pro-Beijing daily in Hong Kong reported Friday.

”The Chinese army will conduct research and build an aircraft carrier and develop our own aircraft carrier fleet,” People’s Liberation Army Lt. Gen. Wang Zhiyuan was quoted as saying in the Chinese-language Wen Wei Po.

”An aircraft carrier is a very important tool for big countries defending their interests in the sea. China is a big country with a long shoreline. An aircraft carrier is necessary to defend our interests in the sea,” he said.
It would be China’s first aircraft carrier and would likely be deployed to join other warships currently in the South China Sea, the newspaper said.

Wang said the carrier fleet will not be complete for another three to five years.

The newspaper said aircraft fit for the carrier and auxiliary warships and submarines are either being built or completed.

It also quoted sources as saying China may deploy its aircraft carrier fleet near the energy fuel supply route in South China Sea where warships are now being deployed.

The barriers for China to build its own aircraft carrier include technology advancement, hardware and software support, building and maintenance costs and political pressure from overseas over China’s becoming a military threat in the region, the newspaper reported.

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China’s President Says Military Entering an ‘Important Period’

"Chinese President Hu Jintao has told a group of senior officers the next five years will be “an important period” for the nation’s military modernization, state media reported Sunday.

”The 11th five-year plan (from 2006 to 2010) is a crucial period for the establishment of a comparatively prosperous society,” Hu said Saturday, according to the People’s Daily, the Communist party’s mouthpiece.
”It is also an important period for defense and army modernization,” he told the officers, assembled in Beijing as delegates to the ongoing National People’s Congress, or parliament.

Meeting the officers in his capacity as chairman of the powerful Central Military Commission, Hu was wearing a simple green military jacket for the occasion.

His remarks came just days after China announced its military budget for this year would rise 14.7 percent to 35 billion dollars, the latest in a series of double-digit annual increases dating back to the early 1990s.

A Pentagon report last year estimated that China’s defense spending was two to three times the publicly announced figure and that the military balance with arch rival Taiwan was tipping in Beijing’s favor.
”We must persist in fulfilling the sacred task of defending national sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity and security,” Hu said, according to the People’s Daily.

This appeared to be a veiled reference to what is arguably the Chinese military’s main responsibility, deterring Taiwan from formally breaking away and forcing it back into the fold if it does declare independence.

China and Taiwan have been separated since the end of a civil war in 1949, but Beijing considers the island part of its territory awaiting reunification, by force if necessary.

Hu said efforts should be stepped up to equip the army with modern information technology and to improve its combat efficiency through high-tech means.

”We should strive to improve the capability of the armed forces to deal with crises, maintain peace, contain wars and win victory in possible wars,” he said.

Inspired by swift U.S. victories in post-Cold War conflicts, China has been striving to transform its military from an organization that relied on strength in numbers to a leaner, more sophisticated fighting force.

It announced in January it had demobilized 200,000 members of its military over the previous three years, but even after those personnel cuts, it remained the world’s largest with 2.3 million troops.

Hu is believed to be faced with the challenge of creating a loyal following among the nation’s top brass, just like his predecessor Jiang Zemin, who also had no military experience.

Jiang solved the problem by increasing military spending and appointing proteges to high positions in the military. "

I wonder what this is supposed to mean...
any idea's? It doesnt get too specific when it mentions china's military is going through a "Crucial period"


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Re: Chinese Military News Thread

China orders Russian equipment for J-11, but continues to develop local content

By Yihong Chang JDW Correspondent

China remains heavily reliant on Russia for the local manufacture of J-11 air superiority fighter aircraft, but is expecting in 2006 to reach a production rate of 17 aircraft annually, according to Russian and Chinese sources.

A Chinese military source told Jane's that Russia's Ural Optical & Mechanical Plant signed an agreement with China in October 2005 for the procurement of a new batch of OSL-31E optical sight systems.

The source said the contract, for an undisclosed number of systems, was the first of its kind that the company has signed directly with China. Previous deals with China have gone through Russian export agency Rosoboronexport.

The order for more OLS-31E systems indicates that China cannot yet produce indigenous sighting systems for the J-11, which is based on Russia's Sukhoi Su-27SK fighter. China is still attempting to produce more indigenous elements for the J-11, including the fire-control radar, power plant and spare parts.

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Part of the whole article, need full subscription to see it :mad:


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China pursues self-defense policy: Premier Wen

Special Report: NPC & CPPCC Sessions 2006 >> Chinese Premier Wen meets press

BEIJING, March 14 (Xinhuanet) --

China pursues a national defense policy of self-defense, and its limited increase of military expenditure is mainly used to improve the living conditions of officers and soldiers and improve self-defense capability, said Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao here Tuesday.

The country's defense policy is transparent, said Wen, adding that China has never dispatched even one soldier abroad except its peacekeepers, and has not occupied one inch of foreign land.

Wen made the remarks while meeting with the press following the conclusion of the annual full session of the Chinese legislature, the Tenth National People's Congress.

The Chinese premier said China sticks to a road of peaceful development, which primarily results from China's traditional culture, development needs and national interests, emphasizing that China is already "a responsible country" of the international community. 

Wen added that through reform and development, China has successfully solved the problem of feeding 1.3 billion people and lifting 200 million out of poverty.

After years of efforts, China has found a more scientific development road, which stresses the resources conservation and environmental protection, he said.

China firmly carries out an independent foreign policy of peace, and is willing to develop good-neighborly relationships with surrounding countries, he said.

China has taken part in over 100 international organizations and signed nearly 300 international treaties, and is ready to work shoulder by shoulder with the international community for the establishment of a new international political and economic order. 

The premier said China is a country that firmly safeguard world peace, and resolutely oppose terrorism and nuclear proliferation.

After China's entry in the World Trade Organization, the country has faithfully fulfilled its commitments, the premier said.

Despite the fact that China is still a developing country, it has played an active role in implementing the millennium goal of the United Nations, said the premier, adding that China has reduced 20 billion RMB yuan of debts for 44 underdeveloped nations, and in the forthcoming three years, China is scheduled to provide 10 billion U.S. dollars of favorable loans for world's underdeveloped countries. Enditem


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Re: Chinese Military News Thread

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A People’s Liberation Army’s bulletin in China reported Sunday that China succeeded in test launching an interceptor missile similar to the U.S. Patriot missile.

According to the paper, an air force base in Beijing recently test launched a new interceptor missile from a desert in northwestern China, successfully bringing down its target.

The test launch was carried out by the radar command control center, detecting a high-flying reconnaissance plane and a missile thousands of meters in the air, penetrating electronic disruption, and taking both of them down.

The Chinese military, with the success of the launch, plans to build a missile defense (MD) network similar to that of the U.S.

So far, China has criticized the U.S. MD system as disruptive of the international security order and provoking reckless military spending competition. However, China seems to have started research and development of interceptor missiles as the U.S. accelerates battle deployment in the Northeast Asian region, including Korea.

The commanding officer who led the test launch said, “This marks the official launch of the interceptor missile unit. We can intercept not only high-flying reconnaissance planes or missiles but also low-flying targets. Our accuracy is significantly high as well.”

Meanwhile, a Hong Kong newspaper reported that Chinese missile units have held mobile training aimed at taking down targets in a short time in the eastern coast and the desert.
This news looks a little suspective. I'm not sure how much validity in this and I'm not too sure what system it's talking about. I'm guessing HQ-9 or HQ-15 or HQ-18? It's hard to say.


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Re: Chinese Military News Thread

a little more news here.
BEIJING, Sept1, 2006 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- A senior Chinese military leader on
Friday pledged to further expand China-Peru military exchanges and cooperation.

Liang Guanglie, member of the Central Military Commission, made the remarks when
meeting with Felipe Conde, commanding general of the Air Force of Peruvian Armed

"The two armed forces have kept frequent high-level exchange visits and friendly
cooperation in recent years," Liang told Conde, who arrived in Beijing on

China will make joint efforts with Peru to strengthen exchanges between the two
air forces, and gradually expand to various fields and levels, said Liang, who
is also Chief of the General Staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army(PLA).

Liang also spoke highly of the bilateral relations, saying the two countries
have shared a deepening political trust since the establishment of diplomatic
ties 35 years ago. The two sides have made substantial progress in many fields.

Liang expressed his appreciation for Peru's adherence to the one-China policy.
Conde said the Peruvian armed forces are willing to continue to enhance
cooperation with the Chinese army and he hoped to see closer exchanges between
the two sides in the future.

PLA Air Force Commander Qiao Qingchen attended the meeting.

At the invitation of Qiao, Conde is paying a nine-day official goodwill visit to
China from Thursday. Besides Beijing, he will also visit Xi'an, Guangzhou and

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Re: Chinese Military News Thread

China increasing activity in Taiwan waters

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An increasing number of Chinese jets and frigates have trespassed into Taiwanese territorial waters, a defense report said yesterday, with the military earmarking funds to purchase F-16 fighter jets from the U.S.
The 2006 National Defense Report released yesterday said large numbers of Chinese military aircraft and frigates have been detected crossing into waters of the Taiwan Strait claimed by Taiwan or seas Taiwan has marked as its exclusive economic zones.

"The report reasoned that the Chinese Navy has been increasing its intelligence-gathering activities in the East China Sea," a Ministry of National Defense (MND) report said.

"(It is) a bid to ensure sea and air dominance to prevent intervention by the United States or Japan in the event of a war in the Taiwan Strait."

The report said China had stepped up military activities after the island's first presidential election in 1996.

It said Chinese military aircraft had crossed the imaginary middle line of the Taiwan Strait that separates Taiwan from China 1,100 times in 1999. The frequency increased to 1,200 in 2000 and further to 1,500 in 2001, the report said.

The frequency dropped to 1,300 in 2002 and further to 940 in 2004 but soared to 1,700 in 2005, the report said.

It also said Chinese scientific research vessels had increasingly been conducting exploration activities in the Taiwan Strait, with some trespassing in Taiwan's territorial waters.

Chinese military frigates have appeared frequently in the Taiwan Strait to gather sea and air intelligence and test the response time of the ROC Navy and Air Force, the report said.

It also said Beijing over the past several years repeatedly sent oceanographic survey ships into waters claimed by Japan. From April to September 2005, Japan's Air Force intercepted 30 Chinese planes trying to enter the country's air space.

In a separate controversial announcement, The MND is preparing to buy F-16 jet fighters from America next year, Deputy Defense Minister Kao Kuang-yi said.

This came as reports from Washington said its National Security Council and the State Department had recommended that the Bush administration reject the sale of the 66 fighter jets.

Defense Minister Lee Jye Jye said he met with U.S. representatives Monday to exchange views on this.

"Before things become clearer, the Ministry of National Defense will continue to work on its procurement plan," Lee said.

Kao said the ministry's budget proposal for the fiscal year of 2007 includes funds for a billion-dollar U.S. arms deal that has been blocked by the opposition-dominated legislature for over a year.

The opposition Kuomintang (KMT) and People First Party (PFP) have blocked the purchase originally valued at NT$610 billion for over a year. The deal includes anti-missile batteries, submarines and anti-anti-submarine aircraft.

Lee yesterday visited legislative speaker Wang Jin-pyng yesterday in a further attempt to gain his support. He also called on opposition law makers to support the deal.

" I hope lawmakers will rise above their political differences to help boost the nation's defense in the face of the growing military threat from China," Lee said.

Kao said this year's defense budget was NT$71 billion (US$2.16 billion), an increase from last year. But, he said, as the government's total spending was up by NT$90 billion, increased defense spending has not affected the budgets of other government departments.

He pointed out that the additional funds were mainly used in military investment and the ministry's daily operations. More than NT$20 billion was used to buy precision bombs and improve ammunition depots, he said.

The MND also said in its report that China had deployed 784 Dongfeng-series short-range ballistic missiles against Taiwan by the end of 2005.

According to the report, the missiles are capable of reaching Taiwan proper about seven minutes after launch.


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Surprised not more has been talked abt this.

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China launches one more intercontinental ballistic missile
By Itar-Tass

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Wed, September 6th, 2006, 01:18

MOSCOW: China has carried out a regular test launch of a Dongfeng-31 intercontinental ballistic missile. Itar-Tass was told at the Russian Defence Ministry on Tuesday that "the Chinese side had notified the Russian Defence Ministry in advance about the upcoming launching of the intercontinental missile".

"The Dongfeng-31 missile was fired from the Wuzhai launch site towards the Taklimakan desert at about midnight on Monday", a Russian ministry official said. The head section of the missile, he added, flew approximately 2.5 thousand kilometres. The Russian space control
facilities had tracked the missile's start and flight.

The new Chinese intercontinental ballistic missiles will be put into service already this year. Improved longer-range Dongfeng-31A missiles areexpected to be commissioned in 2007. These two types of intercontinental silo-based ballistic missiles are compact systems, which can be moved by means of tractors along general-purpose roads.

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