China and India relationship

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If China sent a million soldiers to invade far north east Russia and since Russia's main military ground and air forces are concentrated in the western regions of Russia, there is no way Russia can conventionally stop a million PLA soldiers marching and taking over eastern Russia. It would be a fair speculation that if such a thing were to happen, Russia would use nuclear options to counter. That is simply logic and how things work.

Now the nuclear gap between Russia and China is far, FAR smaller than the nuclear gap between China and India. China has roughly half the total yield of Russia's stockpiles and every bit as advanced delivery systems, if not more advanced with HGV loaded missiles and more advanced warhead designs now that Chinese third gen nuclear weapons are completed. Would India choose nuclear exchange because their invading million man army has failed?

China has surely thousands more BMD missiles than India since China's been making actual BMD since the 1970s and have had non stop testing of various phase intercepts done using the latest generation of BMD. Meanwhile India barely has one type of poor IRBM and zero ICBM or long ranged SLBM.

Their SRBM and MRBM are more easily intercepted and do not have quite the range to get eastern China.

Is a nuclear exchange wise then? It would be akin to North Korea having a nuclear exchange with the UK. Unlike India, North Korea has several long range missiles and only demonstrated similar warhead yields with no evidence ever of thermonuclear capability. India' nuclear force was always as a counter to Pakistan and intended for Pakistan. With China, both have no first use but if a million soldiers are marching towards you, I suspect those no first use policies become a little more worthless.


This is their Agni V their most capable and most modern IRBM ranged missile. They call it ICBM but they don't seem to know what ICBM range is. I mean this thing is about half the range of DF-31A and that is China's shortest ranged ICBM.

Not sure why the foil layer looks so un-uniform but it is India's main counter to China and after a history of failed tests, it's reached service after some successful tests.

I don't think India would be wanting an exchange with China and if they send a million men to invade, what other option is available to China? Think about it. Would China divert half its main forces positioned in the east to fight India with one hand tied? Waste resources, lives, and money?

Of course india's positioning of men at the border is all politics showboating from Modi. His advisors know they cannot invade and if they did, it would be a quick and violent end for india.

If India was confident and willing to go to war, they would have started shooting PLA when PLA was occupying the disputed land at the high profile case of Pangong lake fingers.

India refused to shoot and escalate war even conventional small scale war. They do not want to initiate a war and be the first and possibly only one fighting China. Each of them (India and USA) want the other to start a war, if that is the direction things head, and only lap on.


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This doesn't need any justification. If India launches an attack against China, it forfeits any right to existence. Self defense is the same at every scale from individuals to countries - if someone pulls a knife on me, I'm well within my rights to pull a gun and put a clip-full of new holes in him.


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I have not kept track of this thread until today, but upon even just a cursory glance I am surprised it is still open.
I am closing this thread because it has already outlived its usefulness and the discussions in the last few pages around the use of NBC warfare and some stereotyped and offensive dog whistles, is not becoming of what this forum should allow.

If some people have wondered where the line is drawn on this forum, some of the posts in the last 5 or so pages is a demonstration of it.

This thread might be constructive if it was properly policed and surveilled and participants exercised proper discipline, but given the topic of it and the consistent endemic risk of offensive takes being written, it is simply not worth it.
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