China actually produced any weapons of their own?

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I've watched the Chinese military potential from 2009 to now, almost all of them are copycat weapons. Most Chinese copycat weapons not of good quality, because them only simulate part of the original, for some things, they simply rename them

Some may be listed:

AK-47 - Type 56
RPG-7 - Type 69 RPG
QBZ-95 - Famas
Type 03 - FNC
HJ-10 - Hellfire
HJ-12 - Javelin
HN-5 - Strela
FN-6 - Mistral
QW-1 - Igla
PGZ-05/07- Gerpad SPAAG
Type 59 - T-54/55
Type 69/79 - T-62
Type 96/98/99 - T-72/Leopard
Type 86 - BMP-1
Type 80/88 SPAAG - SPAAG ZSU-57-2
Type 95 SPAAG - Sidam SPAAG/ZSU-23-4M4 Shilka
PHL03 - BM-30
Z-9 - AS365 Dauphin
Z-8 - SA 321 Super Frelon
J-5 - MiG-17
J-6 - MiG-19
J-7 - MiG-21
J-8 - Su-15/F-4
J-11A/B - Su-27SK
J-15 - T-10K/Su-33
J-16 - Su-30MK
J-20 - MiG-1.44
JF-17 - Mirage F1/MiG-33 Project 33/F-16A
H-6 - Tu-16
HQ-9 - S-300
Type 054/054A - La Fayette
Type 052C/D/055 class - DDG-51 class
Type 039 class - Romeo class
Type 093 class - Victor III class
DF-31/41 - Topol
YJ-8/82/83/85 - Exocet
YJ-91 - Kh-31
YJ-12 - P-270
M20 - SS-26 Iskander
CJ-10/DH-10 - Kh-55
YJ-62 - Harpoon/Tomahawk
CX-1 - P-800/Brahmos

Some military hardware that China actually fabricated or based on the concept of other countries:

Type 62 - no similar overseas
Type 80 - no similar overseas
Type 99A2 - no similar overseas
Type 022 - no similar overseas
J-10A/B - Israeli-Chinese design and revised
JH-7 - no similar overseas
WZ-10 - Russian-Chinese design and revised
DF-21 - Remarkable achievements of China
Type 091/094/095 - no similar overseas
JL-2 - no similar overseas


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Well nearly most of any modern weapon system is partly influenced or based on older designs so what exactly are you looking for? A position cannon?

As for "not of good quality", do you have any proof backing it up?


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closing this thread, since this will clear cause a lot of anger. Indochina, please spend some more time on this forum and read up on things.
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