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Well of course but you're not comparing apples to apples here.
A base corvette is more than double the price of a 'Stang.

Of course a GT350R is more expensive than a run of the mill vette but that's not a fair comparo either. When the new C.7 ZR1 comes out I'm sure it's be close to the $125K price point. A Z06 is already a hair short of century mark.
Ok..a Chevy Camaro over the Mustang GT350R.:p


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Well, back in 1969, a fixed up Mustang was real sweet.

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I liked them better back then than the Camaros. But with today's remakes...I gotta say, the Camaro is sure sweet too.
I do remember the first 69 Mach 1 I ever sat in??? In Nashville, Tenn. in the good old days, but I really like this red mustang, I've had several of both Mustangs and Camaro's.


Are you guys still interested in cars? Here's one of the most crazy car I've ever seen -- the Kalmann King. The SUV is said to be designed by a Chinese company based on the chassis of the Ford F550 with a V10 engine. The SUV was first display in Dubai in 2017. the name suggests that its target customers are those tycoons in middle east. The price is humble... just about 3 million.