Britain's dependence on America

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When I read this article, it really made me angry. Have we become lapdogs to the Amercians or what?:mad:

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We can't declare war without their permission, we can't fire nukes without their permission all our military is depndent on America. And we can't send the U.S. military of our soil. Thats my taxes that goes into them being here.:mad:

I swear if I ever become P.M., the U.S. better watch out...:nono:

Sorry for the political anger. I hope we'll be able to divert this into how dependent the British army is on the U.S. army. But the idea of Britain being an American puppet state just makes my blood boil....:mad: :nono:


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You said it yourself...blood poils...and from experience, everytime blood poils, flames ignates and hell is broken...

THis thread has little to do wiht actuall military issues, it's purely political and added wiht it's blood poling cannot survive...

Sorry mate, but thread closed
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