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But is that truly bad for China? They are just self-blinding themselves at this point.

Look no further than (comrade) Gordon Chang who has fed bs to the West for so long and making them believe that China was totally collapsing.

The more the West is misguided the better for China to achieve its strategic goals. At one point the West will become another Soviet Union saying how totally bad the life in the West is, while in the Soviet Union everyone living a good life..

Let them delusion themselves while China is rocketing past them

The beauty of Comrade Gordon Chang is he help delay the trade war by 10 years by decieving the round-eyes that China will imminently collapse any minute. An Extra 10 years is critical to grow more robust and resilient to tariffs. All Hail Comrade Chang for his services to the motherland!


Strange story with probably some disinfo. The most important is this : Milley call Li because he has seen intel that CHina expected / preparing for a U.S. attack. If true, what it say about US intel capability to know what is happening inside CN/PLA? PRC was watching the US with concern over the last year but that they really thought US was preparing to strike? Strike what? If they were falsely convinced US were a trigger pull away from starting a war, what it say about PRC ability to rightly judge US actions or PLA intel apparatus capability? Wars can start from miscalculations. Or Maybe the two generals were probably talking about deconflicting here because they were just skeptical to the degree they/their intel were worried about a possible military action.
We will never know what really happen or even if something serious really happen
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In mid-October 2020, top Pentagon officials grew concerned about intelligence they'd seen. It showed the Chinese were consuming their own intelligence that had made them concerned about the possibility of a surprise U.S. strike against China, three sources familiar with the situation tell Axios.
  • One of the sources said: "I think they [the Chinese] were getting bad intelligence... a combination of 'wag the dog' conspiracy thinking and bad intel from bad sources."
Then-Defense Secretary Mark Esper worried the Chinese were misreading the situation and that their misperception could lead to a conflict nobody wanted.
  • Esper directed his policy office to issue a backchannel message to the Chinese to reassure them the U.S. had no intention of seeking a military confrontation. The message: Don't over-read what you're seeing in Washington; we have no intention to attack; and let's keep lines of communication open.
Axios has not independently confirmed that Milley told his Chinese counterpart he would give him a heads up if the U.S. planned to attack China.
  • One source familiar with Milley's conversations with his Chinese counterpart would only broadly characterize them as Milley saying something to the effect of: "We'll both know if we're going to war... there's not gonna be some surprise attack and there's no reason for you to do a pre-emptive strike."


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The fact that Milley said "democracy is messy" suggests this was part of a broader conversation of anti-China rhetoric from US leadership and election transition consequences. So risk of conflict in SCS minor portion of a broader conversation between two generals. While the media fixates on this as if it was the 100% conversation... it was probably less than 2% of the conversation.

Once thing I learned about US media is.... they sensationalized the most trivial shit and stretch the truth to get clicks and attention and ad revenue. The notion that US intelligence can read Chinese minds/intelligence/intentions is farfetched enough, that China needs to be calmed-down like some toddler with knee-jerk reactions is very infantilizing and patronizing - to both China and Trump.


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This story about China vs. General vs. Trump fits the "Savior" narrative PROPAGANDA they want to push.

  • Look at those crazy Chinese misinterpreting our intentions, about to go to war, over land that doesn't even belong to them!
    • Implies US can read their minds because Chinese intelligence is leaking like boat.
    • Implies Chinese are short-sighted and narrow-minded and short-tempered.
    • Implies China is aggressive and US is "Good Guy" Mr. Reasonable.
  • Look at those crazy Trump about to get us into nuclear WW3 because he is a baby.
    • Implies military leaders is more wise and rationale. (endless war in Afghanistan anyone?)
    • Implies military leaders opposing civilian leadership is a good thing.
    • Implies Trump is bad (Yes, I agree on this one)
  • We "Adults in the room" (i.e. Generals) are pacifying the baby at home, and baddies abroad, because we are the "Good Guys" that only really go to War on Our Terms™, and we might notify you before hand (roll eyes)
    • Implies US Generals are savior of domestic and international politics. Fuck China and civilian control.
What a crock full of shit. These "Adults in the room" portraying themselves as good guys are the same warmongers who profess endless war in Middle East is a good thing, dirty imperialists propagandists that will denigrate everyone to make themselves look better. You can't put lipstick on a pig.
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