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SCBR - Embraer STOUT (Short Take Off Utility Transport), new hybrid transport aircraft.

The Embraer Stout (Short Take Off Utility Transport) is a light transport aircraft project, with hybrid engine, under study by the Brazilian Air Force and Embraer. It has similar dimensions and seeks to replace the C-95 Bandeirante and C-97 Brasília in the transportation of cargo and personnel, such as military and commercial aircraft.

Main features:

° Take off with a maximum payload of at least 3 tons, from runways of 1,200 meters
° Range of 2425 km
° Operate in the Amazon, serving remote locations with short, narrow and unpaved runways
° Hybrid motor, with 2 electric motors and 2 turboprop
° Rear loading ramp
° Low operating cost
° Launch of 24 paratroopers
° Transport of 30 equipped soldiers
° Extraction of pallets
° Aeromedical evacuation

SCBR - Embraer P600 AEW, new airborne early warning developed between IAI-ELTA and EMBRAER

P600 AEW (Airborne Early Warning) is a next generation aircraft based on the advanced super midsize platform of the Embraer Praetor 600 business jet. The P600 AEW can provide an extended Air Situational Picture by monitoring aerial activity in areas outside ground radar coverage. It can perform various missions such as Air Defense, Early Warning, Command and Control, Fighter Fleet Efficiency, Territorial Defense, and Maritime Surveillance.The P600 AEW can be configured with the full range of AEW&C sensor and control systems: Digital AESA AEW Radar, civil and military IFF, ESM/ELINT with Radar Warning Receiver capability, Command & Control, comprehensive communication suite including Data Networks and Satellite Links, and a robust Self Protection Suite (SPS).

The P600 AEW addresses the growing market of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance capabilities for countries that require cost-effective, high performance and flexible solutions for defense and homeland security missions. The Embraer Praetor 600 is the best performing super-midsize bizjet in its category, offering intercontinental range with an outstanding payload capability, high availability and reliability, short turn-around and low life cycle costs. Coupled with ELTA’s superior radar technology, the P600 AEW offers the benefits of cutting edge, proven systems and provides capabilities available until now only on much larger platforms.

SCBR - EMBRAER Super Tucano the best light attack turboprop aircraft

The Embraer Super Tucano is a turboprop aircraft designed for light attack, counterinsurgency, close air support, aerial reconnaissance missions in low-threat environments, as well as for pilot training.

The turboprop was designed to operate in conditions of high temperature and humidity in extremely rugged terrains, the Super Tucano is highly maneuverable, has low heat signature, incorporates fourth generation avionics and weapon system to provide precision guided ammunition.


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SCBR- Brigadeiro informs US embargoes against Brazilian national, aeronautical and space defense projects.[subtitled]

During the “62º FPB - Fórum de Debates Projeto Brasil”, on 12/17/2008, in the city of São José dos campos (SP), Brigadier of Aeronautics Venâncio Alvarenga Gomes presented the various embargoes suffered by the projects developed by the Armed Forces of the Brazil.


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MTC 300 - The Brazilian Tomahawk Missile, Brazilian Cruise missile | SCBR |--SUBTITLED--|

See the launch of the MTC 300, the Brazilian cruise tactical missile manufactured by AVIBRAS with national technology.

The MTC 300 missile, formerly called the AV TM 300, is part of the ASTROS 2020 system, an innovative artillery system manufactured by the national industry AVIBRAS in partnership with the Brazilian army.

As a comparison, we can call this the missile "Brazilian tomahawk", it is a tactical missile with Brazilian technology with a range of 300 km (it can have versions of greater range depending on the Warhead or the turbine technology) and 10 m of precision.

In this edition it is possible to see a launch of the missile MTC 300, a demonstration of the detonation of 500Kg of TNT (a destruction similar to 200Kg of explosive of the warhead of the missile) and launches of the tomahawk missile.

In the video, General Ivan Ferreira Neiva Filho and journalist Roberto Godoy demonstrate the importance of the Brazilian cruise missile.

This video is an edition that has the following sources:
General Ivan Ferreira:
Roberto godoy:
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