Brazil to consider the Rafale?


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Brazil eyes fighter gap
Brazil’s defence ministry is re-examining a decision to scrap the air force’s F-X BR fighter procurement almost a year ago amid political wrangling and funding difficulties, and is now attempting to organise a new procurement budgeted at $2.2 billion.

However, unlike the previous programme, the defence ministry does not intend to open a bidding process for the new requirement, but will simply select a fighter and negotiate a contract understood to be for between 36 and 42 aircraft. Although a programme go-ahead is not expected before year-end, local sources indicate that Dassault’s Rafale is considered to be a prime contender.

Brazil late last year concluded a deal to acquire 12 ex-French air force Dassault Mirage 2000B/Cs to replace its Mirage IIIEBR/DBRs, the last of which were retired from service last December. The country has now also negotiated a $24 million deal to acquire six Northrop F-5Es and three F-5F trainers from the Royal Saudi Air Force to cover an expected shortfall in air defence cover.

Northrop Grumman is expected to perform inspection and maintenance services and to return the aircraft to flight status.

The Brazilian air force intends to ferry all nine aircraft to Brazil by July and subsequently hand them over to Embraer to pass through its F-5BR modernisation programme. The service has a requirement for at least two more F-5Es.

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Noticed this news from the Key Publishing Aviation Board... seems like some interesting stuff.

Personally I can't really put in my 2 cents on what aircraft would be the most suitable for Brazil, until I can figure out what it's for, though I'd think either the Gripen or the Rafale would be the best choice. Gripen mostly because of cost, and quick delivery. (Sweden made too many Gripens) However, the Rafale has a definite advantage in range which could be very important for a (relatively) large country like Brazil. Plus with experience with the Mirage series a conversion to the Rafale might be easier.



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Brazil has been looking for their next generation fighters for some time now, and they still do not have any significate order yet. I would whether think it will not be anytime soon for them to finalized their plan. Since Brazil had failed many previous attempt for purchase, I am doubtful they could come up with the funding now. But I do think Rafale is a good chioce, French is looking forward for their first export and Brazil could probably get a good deal. Let wait an see.


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Brazil doesn't have the major dominant Air Force you would think they would have because they're the economic powerhouse in South America. Mainly because of the budget and political reasons. But it's good that Brazil is going for the Rafale. They will be the best Air Force in South America, not Chile or Venezuela.