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I've been following the Brexit shortages in the UK and I can't help but wonder how it'll affect UK's contribution to AUKUS and the other stuff. The shortages will eventually be resolved but the underlying issues that lead to it won't, meaning UK's economy is going to be tanking for a while. Surely this'll degrade their military capabilities?

The schadenfreude seeing them panic as they panic-buy everything is fun to see too, especially as they sail their ships in China's face. The sailors are enjoying Asia's hospitality as their families starve and freeze back home.
Well it seems to be a bit of a theme nowadays that the western world is lead by crazy woke idiots that don’t know how to lead for all the so called degrees they have paid for. It’s almost as those some one is intentionally trying to get as many people killed so that they can rule over what is left, though one must wonder if the likes of China, Russia and other nations that don’t follow this stupidity are still intact after everything Happens that they don’t take advantage of the fact that the western world has commit suicide for some ill advised attempt to manage the world population. Really they must be thinking that China’s lack of ‘human rights’ means that they will play ball and even now they don’t seem to realise that no, China is no ones bitch. All the money these rich elites have will not be enough to stop any nation left behind from tracking them down to confiscate their assets completely once the majority of the people of their nations are ‘Purged’


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Sky News contributor Christopher Pyne says the relationship between Australia and China is currently “clearly strained” both economically and politically.

Mr Pyne spoke to Singapore’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, asking he if was “surprised” that the relationship between China and Australia had taken “this turn”.

“I’m not really in a position to advise Australia,” Dr Balakrishnan said.

But Mr. Balakrishnan went ahead to share Singapore's view and experience working with China.

Watch the interview video following the link below.

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Basically this nuclear submarine deal is “Australia buying a golden hammer from US to smash its own piggy bank bought from China”.
More or less, the stuff up was so bad the no one in Australia tries to talk about it anymore. Because even they think he screwed up. I don't like corporations but if they are able to see the world is going and are capable of doing so, they should get rid of the Liberal and the Labor parties because of the negative affects they are having in the business world (and the general state of Australia in general) with their stupid racist ideology that has no place in the future. Provoking other nations in the area to turn against Australia is imply stupid and making an enemy of China is also stupid.


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This is just confirming that the West is trying to get Xi to leave China for some nefarious purpose.
Its very obvious, isn't it. From the start of the year, we had a barrage of news about meeting Xi in another country for "face-to-face" discussions.

US, EU were all "begging" for a meeting. So you know, the more they ask you to do something, the more this will be bad for you. Better for Xi to stay on Beijing and be relaxed than meeting with those people.
Must be a COVID cospiracy I think