Armies of the future

Jones Henry

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What do you think future warfare and armies will be like?

I think, that in the future the numbers needed for a great army will reduce quite significantly. Small is beatiful:) The US will for instance have a light but deadly armed forces. One thing wich will help the armies of the future will probobly be biological weapons. In tommorows world you can target for instance different people throw biological weapons. For instanche in Asia you could technicly speaking use these short of weapons against Chinese, but the smoke might also make it to Taiwan(wind)so in case of defending the civilian population maybe not such a birght idea=(

Then there are also the infamous "mininukes" The US airforce is now working on a big and expensice antimatter project, wich idea probobly is to have les radionactice but wery distructive nuclear like weapons. This is good for instance taking out an enemy sub or an aircraft carrier. I think, that China could use one of there, since the US has so many airfract carriers, and it also might give the US:s Aegis destroyers something to think about:china:

Then ofcourse theres stuff like EMP weapons. I think, that USA may frear them the most of all. After all most of there power is on sofiticated high tech. If China for instance build more and more EMP weapons the US might REALLY be in trouble! EMP weapons however are wery ethical, since they dont(usually)kill any civilians. That is one fo the reasons almost every country should have them, but there always is a downside and danger. If China uses EMP weapons to destoy or seriesly damage US:s pacific fleet, the US might just nuke China in retaliation:(

Im not a military expert(acually never been to the army)but i think, that future warfare will be VERY different from what it is today! After all, the world was still all in arms in 1939, but a "cold war" entered in to the military arena in 1962. Before the 1962 Cuban missile crisis wars werent really that unsual. They were fought ALL THE TIME! Only the advancement of technology started raising doubts about the ethics of war. After 1962 superpowers decided not to enter a war, but still there is no surdenty super powers will not go to war ever again. You never really know! One thing that dangers the world are small and light, but VERY deadly bombs! This is a GREAT DANGER to the US:s missile shield plans! In the future for instance China might be able to build bombs the size of an aple, that could however easily take out cities like Washigton and New Yourk! These bombs however would have to be hidden WELL in to the enemy are, and probobly activated by a satelite. However, here is the trouble of modern tehcnology;if your enemy dosent know what your up to, he might launch an attack against you thinking he is "superior" to you(you have to remember, that western culture has based itself on military dominance ever since the fall of Rome)In this scenraio you have no choise expect to launch your own counter measures, wich in other words means MAD(Mutually assured destruction) In this scenario EVERYBODY loses! That is why i think, that missile shileds are a bad idea, like this picture clearly proves:

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I dont know will there ever be world peace as long as the US is around. I think, that most other countries would settle for some short of world peace and MAD(Mutually assured destruction)but not the US! So they'll probably be more wars to come. The US:s own actions for instance in Iraq and Iran only increase international terrorism. It is said, that the terrorist would never get access to these short of bombs, but i dont think so. Theres always the possibility that countries like China and Russia will give them the "know how" and they've got money(relations to the oil kings) Anyway i think, that war in the end really isnt worth it. I admit, that in the "good old days" it was A LOT easier! For instance the Romans conquered the hole mediterranean with iron swords and spears, and managed to keep it under there control for a few hundred years. Then the germanic barbarians finally beat the Romans in 476 and started conquering the hole world in 1492. In those days it was quite easy, since Europeans were more advanced to there opponents! For instance the people in South-america didnt even know how to forge iron, and about 1/3 were killed by European bacterias(the "plague"):( Today war is not that easy, especially not imperialism! I think, that either the west learns to live without "dominance" of the third world, or else theres going to another world war. Then ofcourse theres nano technology and nano manufacturing but like Psigma said, i really know very much about that. But just think about it;being able to make for instance nukes or tanks by the thoudans in maybe just one single night! I think, that unless we humans just learn to live in peace with one another we are all going to be wiped out of this planet for good! They said another war wouldnt come after ww1, but it still did! In the atlantic declaration they PROMISED to stop all imperialism, but that promise didnt work either:( So i guess there truly isnt no hope for humanity!