Another Very Funny Chinese Animation


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LOL, the way they call out to the KC-10s are so funny! Milk moms!

What languages were they speaking in though? Some were mandarin but some sounded like something else.....
there was a japanese plane, and when it was being chased by the missile it called "ya mei dieh" which means "stop" in japanese...


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Was it Just me or did some of the planes have the symbol of the Empire (Star Wars) on the side of the aircraft?


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The 1st words they said, "10, 10" sounded like yel dong yel dong...... Same with 07
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Ah shuck, it is given me " It contains Sony Entertainemnet property, it is not available in your county"

Anyone care to upload it to another site that user like me can view it?


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here's the same video from chinese youku video sharing site for those of you who can't see youtube.

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btw is that a global hawk at the 2nd milking station? (1st in line)


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Yes, that's a Global Hawk. I thought it was a He 162 People's Fighter at first.