Americans afraid of China?

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bd popeye

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I see your government has successfully brainwashed you with it's anti islamic propaganda! Your automatic assumption was that when he said terrorist groups he meant Islamic extremists!
Like I said prevousily..I try to stay out of political debates.

By no means , in anyway shape or form am I brainwashed. My opinions are my own. I'm 52 years old. I'm not some teen ager in HS. Posting all I know from what I read on line. I have actual life experience. I'm well aware of the various different forms of terroist. Please refrain from making assumptions about me . For you do not know me...Click on my name and see if you read any offensive comments about any nation,group, religon or race.

This is my final post in this thread. I will stick to my policy of not discussing political issues.

Thank you.


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american goverment is concerned about china....but da average american joe is not concerned....but i do feel dat american goverment and press is tryin 2 make da american public scared



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the averag amercan is rascist against chinese people. they also think they are to smart.many amercans fear the chinese will steal theri jobs. the government does indeed fear a rising china, and has been trying to stunt its growth. its not working.


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"many amercans fear the chinese will steal theri jobs."

That's the KKK and not the average American.

Guys, keep it real, lets have some proof, and links. No blind hatred towards America allowed! If you really need a selfish reason to stop, think about this, you are making the Chinese on this forum look bad.

By all means though, I'm Chinese and pro-China but I generally won't be taking discussion in this topic. But it's getting a little bit out of control.

Guys, don't make assumptions.

bd popeye is a wise old fellow and very objective/unbiased. I suggest you guys read his posts thoroughly before replying to his topics.

Remember, the goal of a debate is to convince your opponent that you are right. And in order to do that, use proof!


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OK! Let me say something.

USA is AFRAID of China! Very simple, if USA does not want to get China pissed off. Then USA will threat China to stop making nuclear bombs than saying, may you stop making nuclears bombs? Its a threat to kill off the world...

If USA is not afraid of China, den why won't USA go and attack NK when USA claim NK is pure evil and pure terrorism? Simple, China is over there.

True, USA thinks Chinese are gooks, idiots, chinks. USA think their all cool and smart. but in really, USA say that their great in Math than China, but US sucked in it, suckier than CHina. (Something to do with self-esteem).

Lots of people say that Oriental are smart. But USA think not. Cuz USA will kill anything just to say that they love their country.

I think 'afraid' is too strong a word for now. Currently, the US still has a big lead over China economically & militarily. But for sure the Americans realize that if they are to be overtaken in the future, it will be by China. It's quite simple really, US is the top dog now & they are using all means to stay on top.
US lead in Economy, but Military? USA is better than China in Military? A fight has not start yet. Chinese soldiers do better dan US in many ways.


1 more thing, USA will pay China 76 billion dollars just to get China not to break alliance with USA. Today, CHina is very important in the world, if China stop buying things from USA, den lots of people will be outta jobs and business in USA. Cars and other stuff will not be bought by a huge population.


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you know what america's problem is ? we are not afraid of anyone, definate not china. washington, however did place 4 B-2 bombers (each carrying 80 , 500 lb GPS guided bombs that can hit any asian city in 2 hours.) in guam, for the security of our asian allies.
the truth of the matter is, beijing is playing a very dangerous game, a conflict that china can not possibly win or even break even. beijing is placing all chinese in a very dangerous position by saber rattling taiwan and hasseling japan.


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you are putting yourself in a dangerous position by making retarded posts.
beijing does not hassle foreign countries, but the u.s does.


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you know what america's problem is ? we are not afraid of anyone, definate not china. washington, however did place 4 B-2 bombers (each carrying 80 , 500 lb GPS guided bombs that can hit any asian city in 2 hours.) in guam, for the security of our asian allies.
You got proof that USA is not a bit of fear from China? I expect your own words in 42 lines in atleast 4 or more paragraphs with complete punctuations. Just cuz ur B-2 bombers can bomb AZN countries in 2 hours does not prove it can bomb any Chinese countries, China go good weapons, that can counter bombers, so get proof.

USA does not have the nerd to tell CHina to cease creating nukes in a threat way.

you know what america's problem is ? we are not afraid of anyone, definate not china
If USA is not afraid of anyone, den why would BUSH be up all night worrying about war?

If a war comes between China and Taiwan, USA is 75% to just back off.

no offense...but i think ur both makin really biased opinions here
You believe that and u say we have no scientific proof from reality?


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hey, stop! who afriad of who? actually americans afraid of china just like chinese afriad of US. you guys cant just barely say one is afriad of the other. when the conflicts break out, finally no one gonna afraid of any one.
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