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lol if China could force US to harvest Saudi Arabia without expediting any of its own effort and only using Russian disruption, it would be massive win for China. Saudi is already flaky on US and what good exactly will US cannibalizing it's own SSRs achieve? All it does is bring them closer to collapse and massively exacerbate internal issues.

If US wants to win the cold war they need to turn inwards first, crack down hard on corruption at home and de-radicalize their politics. But suggesting something is wrong inside is taboo. They're 15 years late for reform, if they had done it while they still had a larger economy than China, US would still be 1/2 factory of the world and have a much more stable home base that can fully take advantage of the budget without hemorrhaging it to corruption.

In fact they created their own enemy from China for not much reason at all. When US conducted an infamous invasion in Iraq in 2003 and Afghanistan in 2001, China turned the blind eye. The Hu Jintao and Jiang Zemin policy put China in seclusion where China would not mind being a 2nd EU for US to indirectly control in terms of foreign policy as long as citizens had high life quality. Only due to the US-provoked trade war, sponsoring of terrorism in Xinjiang, HK and repeated threats over China's eastern border did Beijing exit it's past stance.


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Saudi Arabia has limited leverage when its entire existence is dependent on the United States
US energy, sanction and war policies have benefited Saudi. just look at Venzuela/JCPOA/Turkey and this very recent.
it is not enough to have buy/sell relationship. This Ukraine war not only made Europe more depended on Arabs. but the war is conducted in such away that weakens there other opponents all the way to CIS countries.
Saudis prefer United States of 1950s. but clock cannot be turned back. so they are now co chair of OPEC+. and it is not only about oil price.

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Saudi Arabia has limited leverage when its entire existence is dependent on the United States
Saudis & other sheikhs literally own every bricks of white house.

Their "existence" depends on The Utopian States as much as my "existence" depends on my hired body guards. Your "logic" sounds like those SP12 who must not be named, who try to convince us that they own google,amazon because they work there as CEOs. :rolleyes::rolleyes:


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What's next, a Chinese attempt to attack Taiwan will be thwarted?
At this point, China could say that would put a blockade of Taiwan(which is arguably worse then any invasion over a long term due to the suffering being drawn out) and the USA will still claim victory because at least China didn’t shove a DF upside Tsai Ing Wens worthless backside so really, I dont see how the USA could really do much except moving goal posts due to well, having a nation that has simply not in a state to really take on China and Russia at the same time, I mean they are already struggling with one of them.