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Looks like a divergence of job market.
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Food inflation would be even more severe due to bird flu outbreak in the US.
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Now the USA gets a taste as to what a bird flu out break does go a nation. I mean China has gone through a numbers of these and I am pretty sure the USA is busy gloating their asses off. Now it’s not very funny, bird flu and all.


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This is why I am so disappointed with the US COVID response. We have done exactly 0 to handle the issue of COVID propagating through other animal populations and 0 additional infrastructure to detect future outbreaks. There is a reason why Denmark culled its entire farmed Mink population when it detected COVID in them. A new covid strain could emerge that could be 10x worse then Delta/Omicron, 37 million birds is a freaking MASSIVE outbreak, why did they just cull it now?!?!?!? Why wasn't it detected earlier ?


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America Strong.... is made in Qingdao Shandong, China.

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Even american freedom is made in China.


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What does the title mean by "despite", shouldn't it be increasing because of increased rates and inflation? In what world are they living in, where its the opposite?
US mainstream copium dispensers busy making creative titles. Why wouldn't debt rise with high inflation and rising debt rates :rolleyes:.
There's a reason they call inflation a invisible tax or thief on the savings of the working class.


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26 states facing baby formula shortages... but hey so what, you mothers and your starving babies need to shut fckk up and stop complaining, focus people... we need to keep funding and arming the Zelensky regime and his azov nazis... Ukr democrazy & freedumb are more important.

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Parents scrambling for baby formula in US​

By HENG WEILI in New York | China Daily | Updated: 2022-05-11 09:29
Empty shelves show a shortage of baby formula at a Target store in San Antonio, Texas, US May 10, 2022. [Photo/Agencies]

With many US states experiencing a shortage in baby formula, parents are resorting to interstate travel or going online to find supplies as their woes draw national attention.

The shortage began earlier in the COVID-19 pandemic when companies started to face supply chain issues, including locating the necessary ingredients, and labor shortages compounded the problems.

It was worsened by a recall in February at an Abbott Nutrition facility in Sturgis, Michigan, a major producer of baby formula. Three brands made there were recalled because of potential bacterial infections.

The amount of baby formula out of stock across the United States hit 40 percent on April 24, according to Datasembly, which provides access to billions of grocery and retail pricing records.

Tennessee, Texas, Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota have seen shortages higher than 50 percent, The New York Times reported. A total of 26 states have out-of-stock formula rates of 40-50 percent.

Retailers such as CVS, Target and Walgreens have limited purchases in stores and online to three per buyer, while parents have raised concerns that others are hoarding the formula.

A four-pack of formula was selling for $139.99 on the eBay platform on Monday.

The White House said on Monday that it is working with manufacturers and the Food and Drug Administration to get shelves restocked.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that "ensuring the availability of these products" is a "priority" for the FDA and that "they're working around the clock to address any possible shortage".

Many mothers have taken to social media to express their outrage.

"This has GOT to be addressed!!!! Raise the gas prices, inflate the food, but give our babies the food they NEED!!!! How the hell did this just become optional?" Kayla Zurenko wrote on Facebook. "I shouldn't have to search a tri-STATE area for baby formula-and STILL not find any!"

Wynter Balthrop of Gallatin, Tennessee, told Fox News that she broke down inside her car after driving to six stores and calling others as far as three hours away to find out that the only formula that her baby can tolerate was out of stock.

Abbott Labs recalled certain formulas after five infants contracted an infection that can cause severe blood infections and meningitis. Two babies reportedly died as a result. The company, however, denied that its plant was the cause of the fatal infections.
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