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Good. Time to bankrupt the West. Ah yes, lets also export back the inflation caused by all the Western printing
A masterful plan, you can tell the Chinese Strategists and Planners definitely know their Art of War.

Cutting down steel production reduces demand for iron ore> kills australia's economy, whilst the rise in steel prices helps Chinese steel producers ( the largest in the world) whilst also killing Biden's infrastructure plan due to cost blowouts and inflation.

No wonder the Anglos have made it top priority to try to take down China; China is the OG behemoth Civilisation alongside the Mesopotamians and Egyptians.


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What else have they got? Industry?

they really cannot see the writing on the wall. All it takes is just one moment to turn the USA down a path of mad max and on that day is the day that the USA will lose it all. I wonder, do they have enough money printing paper in stock.


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LOL, we havn't even seen the full impact of delta yet.
The US Healthcare system is melting down as we speak. American economists and politicians keep talking about recovery but the doctors, nurses and Healthcare workers are saying this isn't the peak, the worst is yet to come. Not in terms of covid, but in terms of the collapse of the system. Nurses are burnt out, doctors are burnt out, the medical schools are struggling to find instructors because hospitals are at their limit with patients. PhD students in the bioengineering field are being pressed into service at hospitals as doctor analogs. If this was a war, the equivalent would be like pilots and sailors and tank crewmen being pressed into infantry roles.

Not quite at the point of "call up the volksstrum" but definitely, "send in the sailors and call them naval infantry" time.