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the US lost 140k jobs in December, the first drop since April. the raging covid starts to take its toll. the US economy may suffer a double dip in Q1.

to be fair, the US economy has shown impressive resilience, but the relentless rage of the covid is too much. I made a call in September: "the second wave, the double dip". now I put the odds for Q1 dip at 50:50.

the US stock market has shown impressive resilience


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The US is losing people.

What a shallow and stupid video. No discussion whatsoever of the societal tensions that immigration brings, or how economically useful climate migrants from poor countries are in an environment of increasing automation, or the effects of radically improved future medical technology that collapses death rates. With "professors" like this formulating policy, the US is sure headed to a good place.


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Did anyone find it weird how Trump said "...we love you, you're very special..."?
I did, after some thinking, i've come to the conclusion that a lot of Trump's supporters are your Lost Boys in society; those who have daddy issues, coming from mainly white single parent households who view trump with such godlike adoration because to them, Trump is their "Father" figure.
In the past, such individuals become born again christians or muslims but in this time period, they just become white nationalists.

All in all, an indicator of the broken society that is America, filled with Hikkomoris.


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I wanted to comment on this.

To be fair, I see no difference between this and The live streaming phenomenon in China.

But in US case, it's a sign of cultural decadence. Would you stomach a member of your family resorting to such means for livelihood?
I’ve always teetered on issues such as e-gals and legalizing prostitution especially when looking at the rise of automation and the service industry.

I don’t think we know where this will lead us.

Speaking purely based on economics, doing less work to sustain yourself is good. But there’s hidden costs to sex work and becoming online personalities that people need to factor into their earnings.

I’m willing to bet the CCP acknowledges certain economic benefits to these sectors or else they would’ve cracked down on it much harder. We all know places like Dongguan and those 城中村 are famous for xxx. And STDs are rampant.
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