70th Anniversary of PLAN


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From what I know so far heading there:

India: One Kolkata class destroyer and its supply ship.

Japan: One of its Akizuki destroyers. Coincidentally, this destroyer has the same pennant as the Xi Jing Ping's review ship on the parade: 117.

Russia: Task force led by the frigate Admiral Gorshkov is headed up from the South China Seas. This fleet came all the way from the Baltic Sea Fleet. A separate fleet from the Pacific Sea Fleet might also be headed on its way from its port visit in the Philippines, possibly rendezvous with the Baltic Sea Fleet task group as they head to Qingdao. The Russians will be in force. After the parade they have a scheduled joint sea exercise with the PLAN.


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Party time at Qingdao Naval museum Flashmob, singing patriotic song, flag ceremony. Skip to minute 8
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