09V/09VI (095/096) Nuclear Submarine Thread


Will exploding a string of nuclear devices at seabed along the lines of hydrophones destroy them? Or at least punch a big gap through it?


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So, we can address the "improved JL-2" question at least. The "improved JL-2" (which the US government has described as "JL-3") is described by the US govt as having a range in excess of 10,000km, which sounds fairly reasonable and expands the ability of 09IV family SSBNs to target longer ranged locations than standard JL-2.

Of course, the SSBNs with lower range SLBMs like JL-2 (rather than "improved JL-2") means that they will not be able to target CONTUS reliably from safer home waters, however it does mean they can still hold other closer range targets at risk, while the mission for nuclear deterrence against CONTUS is probably being saved by land based DF-31A/G and DF-41. Obviously that is less optimal than having both land and undersea deterrents that are plentiful and survivable, but that's the present reality until they have future SSBNs and future SLBMs in service.
China's future SLBM has to have a Trident-II like range of between 7200 and 9600 nautical miles based on the number of warheads carried. Trident II can deliver 8 x 455kt heavy W88 warheads to a distance of 7200 nautical miles (that's one-third of the earth's circumference) while carrying a full ABM countermeasures (decoys ans stuff) package. With a reduced payload of just 2 x 455kt W88 warhead or 3 x 100kt light W76-1 warhead and carrying no countermeasures package, it can strike up to a distance of 9600 nautical miles. Trident-II's depressed trajectory range is itself massive (around 3000 nautical miles).


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Another paper re submarine-launched version of YJ21 (tri-packed VLS)
Total length of UVLS - 9994 mm
Length of single launch tube - 8810 mm
Length of Projectile/missile - 8445 mm
paper was published in 2018, posted by @勤劳朴实罗素历 on weibo



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Speaking of which, new developments on multipack-VLS tube design for SSN use has emerged.

Here's a paper which studies on what appears to be/could be a submarine-launched variant of the YJ-21, launched from a tri-packed VLS tube of a certain SSN. The missile in the article has a diameter of 800mm and a length of 8000mm (8 meters).

It has also been indicated (directly or otherwise) in the paper that the multipack VLS tubes can be arranged in pairs along the centerline of said certain SSN.

Posted by @勤劳朴实罗素历 on Weibo.

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I'm quite new to the VLS systems and chinese submarines, so sorry for my very basic questions. Is there any resource online explaining how the VLS works for cold launch? Second question: is the JL-2 / JL-3 canisterized ??
Thank you in advance for any support you will give me