052C/052D Class Destroyers


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Such arrangement of the S and X panels will raise the height of the superstructure, adding top weight. To compensate it will be required to remove something from the top of the superstructure.

Taking out the three mechanical radars will do that, starting with the Type 366 which is like the Mineral ME; the Type 344 which is like the Thales STIR, and the Type 364, which is a rotating parabolic encased inside the round dome.

You have four fixed panels that don't move versus three rotating thingies that also require electric motors and such, and the power to turn their mass around.

On top of the tactical benefits of having the X-band AESA, no need for mechanical maintenance, bearings, rotating union etc,. The AESA can be fixed on the ship by accessing its back panels from within the superstructure.


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A shipyard update from Dalian. It looks like two of the hulls now have most of their superstructures installed.