052C/052D Class Destroyers


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Chinese Wiki is saying 4 Type-052D are expected to be commissioned this month alone. Leaving the last 052D for early next year.
Without covid, yes. With covid, who knows.
In any case, all should be done next year. Doesn't make much difference.


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How much would one have to spend to get decent images on a regular basis?
Half a year ago I was playing around with free sat imagery trying to get a look at the type 003 carrier and I remember that I could get high quality satellite photos for $200+

However I dont think anyone wants to pay so much for 1 photo unless you are a think-tank or a magazine *cough* TheDiplomat


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I've personally bought a few high res images from SAT imagery.. depends the area you want, it's around 17-20 bucks per kilometer square.. which is a lot.

Anyways, my comment was that we literrally see nothing on the picture. There's no way one can identify a hull out of those pixels...