00X/004 future nuclear CATOBAR carrier thread


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The Malacca Strait being the closest most obvious sea lane bottle neck.

I think the Brits have just signed or about to sign a free trade deal with Singapore (not sure if that includes rebuilding/extending the British naval base there)
Malacca Strait traffic can be replaced with Gwadar, Pakistan routes. So it’s those routes that need protection of carriers.


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Please elaborate more, how?
Chinese planes, both domestically penned and Soviet import based, tend to have very long ranges. This means that these planes can be launched deep within mainland China, behind walls of IADS, and strike against any USN vessels attempting a blockade. I'd go further and note that these far-flung bases are in fact a detriment, since US naval assets can launch attacks on them with more ease, especially since China can't deploy ASW assets as readily outside the SCS and therefore has little in a way of an ability to stop a submarine from sneaking out and using cruise missiles to strike Chinese air bases.