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Discussion in 'Members' Club Room' started by Jeff Head, Apr 6, 2015.

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    I'm not Chinese either, but get along in the language well enough.

    On WeChat I have the 2factor set to my cell phone, not email. But unfortunately, cannot help you there.

    For the Google Maps alternative, use Baidu Maps.
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    P20 is quite an old phone. Were you refering to Mate 20 Pro?
    P30 is already released, running the Android 9 and supports all the Google Apps. I'd imagine you can get one pretty cheap since lots of people traded them in after the whole Huawei ban thing.
    All the Google Apps(google map, google drive, play store etc.) would still run. The Huawei ban only means that you won't be getting future Android updates.
    It probably still have the best phone camera to this day. I own a Mate 20 Pro and have handled a P30 Pro, Mate 20's camera is expectional but P30 Pro's is considerably better.

    As for China, you'll absolutely need a Chinese map app.
    Due to certain restrictions, most non-Chinese apps would have your location off-set by a few hundred meters.
    Not to mention Google has been blocked in China(you'll need an VPN) and Google's map data for China is seriously outdated.

    If you need an map app for China, I'd recommend Amap(高德地图). Probably the most widely used App in China today.

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