US Navy Ford Class nuclear carriers

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    At two years before commission, which will occur in late 2020 or early 2021, the John F. Kennedy, the 2nd Ford Class crrier, looks like this:

    Ilsand-Landed-03.jpg Ilsand-Landed-04.jpg Ilsand-Landed-02.jpg

    I do not believe anyone can show a pic of CV-18 anywhere close to this stage of construction.

    JFK was 65% complete structurally two years before launch, and as you see two years before commissioning.

    Launch: Late 2019-early 2020
    Commission: Late 2020 to early 2021

    Anyhow, my expectation from what I have heard (because we have not seen much to date, whereas for CV-16 and CV-17 we saw quite a bit at this stage of construction), is that she is likely 3-4 years away from launch and 4-5 years away fro commission...perhaps longer because they will have to integrate the entire catapult launch at sea into her trials.

    Time will tell.
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